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Selling a home is a multi-step process; it takes the time and knowledge to sell your home quickly, for the best price and with the right terms.

Price is an important factor in selling your home, some would say the most important, but I believe its just one of many and they are all important.

The right price must be established for your home in the beginning.  The price of homes is driven by the market, just like everything else, it is supply and demand.  The key is to make your home a higher demand.

If you over price your home for the market, you will not get the showings that you need to sell your home.  It will take longer to sell and the longer the home is on the market the lower it will typically sell for. 

Once the correct price is established, your home must be made ready to sell, that mean cleaning out the house, Yes, get a storage unit.  A well staged home will sell quicker and for more money, I recommend a professional stager, because spending a little money up front could make you a lot in the end.

Marketing, most people start their home searches on the internet, so having the correct exposure on the net is now your best bet of selling your home quickly. 

The terms of the contract, remember everything can be negotiated, and the terms of the contract are not always about money.  If leaving the patio furniture nets you an extra 10K go buy new furniture.  Look on the bright side; you don't have to move it.

All are equally important in selling your home, without any of these steps done correctly; money and time could be lost. 

Now is the time to start building equity in your new home!

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