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I still consider myself a newbie here relative to many very creative & seasoned bloggers that make ActiveRain such a great community.  Every time I log in I learn something new.  The-ever growing membership here is a definite sign that more and more people in the real estate industry agree.  When I joined I made the commitment that I am not going to just create a profile and do nothing--too many people do that.  Even if I haven't racked up 100,000 points  :) (someday I will though) I'm going to make this useful and I'm going to share it with others.  I guessed I haven't blogged everyday due to my perfectionistic tendencies to craft those ideas I get whenever it strikes me into words and topics I find useful. 

Using myself as an example, I think of ActiveRain as an opportunity.  Opportunity to shape and mold however I'd like.  Converted from my start as a local loan officer into one with the ability to market nationally if I so choose, creates a tremendous opportunity.

I've realized that when opportunity knocks...some people open the door and welcome it.

Some people however,  do not even take a quick glance through the peephole before they deadbolt and chain the door shut!


With ActiveRain invitation, not necessarily through the site to get points, I've started seeking out others who I feel could really benefit by joining the ActiveRain community.

My idea is fairly simple, just takes a little homework on my part:

To contact a select group of agents in small market communities where ActiveRain and Localism are severly underutilized and invite them to discover all there is to offer here.  I figure if you are in a community of 20,000-30,000 residents  with a small university or college, a few employers of some scale and there is only 1 ActiveRain member there who is not even active there's a whole bunch of good 'ol Search Engine Optimization going to waste now isnt it.

I've only just started but I decided this is worth the time because frankly, I'm really not big on "spam-blasting" and I know most agents really are not either!  How many of you get numerous spam blast e-mails from brokers or lenders claiming they have the best rates or the best programs or the best service?  Shouldn't I really be marketing myself not just marketing loan products?  If you want to do business with me that's oustanding of course :) but why in the world would a spam-blast e-mail to 500+agents make you want to do business with me.  Wouldnt you like at least something in return?  (I sense that you're nodding your heads yes here!)

If you were going to refer a client to me and I'm 3 states away from you shouldn't there be something about me & and my ability that makes me worthwhile.  I feel that a personal invitation and a genuine interest in mutual success is defintiely worth investing in.

For those who simply do not respond to my e-mail or a phone call invitation, I guess I'll have to assume they've got more business than you can handle already or that you're not "Built to Blog"  With more and more homebuyes especialy relocating homebuyers doing their research online, you simply cannot afford not to at least take a sip of the Google Juice right?  Especially if you realize your competition is not doing so.

For those of you reading my blog for the first time, please check out my other posts on web-marketing, etc....I always love to get new ideas and opinions and your ideas for future blog topics relevant and useful here.  My readership has increased but I dont expect to get 100 comments or anything--Feel free to prove me wrong is you find my commentary useful!

Thank you for very much for reading!


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Kevin, so glad you're enjoying your time here on the Rain. It's a great place to learn, to meet really cool people, and hone our writing skills. ;-)

Commenting on posts helps others get to know you - and some, like me, will come by to share a thought or two. ;-)


Jun 13, 2008 01:55 PM
Christine L
Property Cupid, LLC - Chandler, AZ

Hmmmm I haven't thought before about inviting others to join, but I like this idea and will invite others in my huge office to join AR.

Jun 13, 2008 02:14 PM