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NYC In The News

There is lots of news about NYC these days - what with all the COVID-19 stories.

Some of it breaks my heart. I grew up visiting New York when I was a kid. I have the best memory of a day in the city with my kid brother and our dad.  He took us for Dim Sum, to see the World Trade Center, to ride the subway and pretty much adventure all over the amazing city.


Funniest Quote of Our 1970's NYC Visit

After seeing the view from the top of the Twin Towers, I recall Dad saying, "What do you want to do now?"  He was thinking since we saw Central Park we would want to there.  What my brother and I actually said got a laugh.  We said, "Dad, can we go to the top of the other tower now?"


Walk Everywhere Neighborhood In Superior CO

You don't have to live in NYC to walk everywhere of course.  The Boulder Colorado area has some great communities that are focused first and foremost on walk-ability.  There is even a walk score featured in our Multiple Listing Service.  One hot new community that is all about walking everywhere is the Downtown Superior project.  

Ultimately there will be 1,400 residential units in this brand new development.  

Massive Yet Intimate

On the one hand, this is a big project with over 42 acres of outdoor recreation and open space.  And yet, on any given day, many folks are likely indoors at the Superior Sports Stable, a phenomenal facility with something for just about everyone.  There are even NHL sized ice sheets.  And a full sized indoor soccer field.

But the community is not just one building. There are an array condo, townhome and single family properties here.  The latest portion of the project was recently approved.  The new TESLA car shop just opened (I know - I started talking about walking and immediately mentioned a green car company).  People love the community.   Its new, its hot and its all the rage in Colorado.

Intimate But never Imitating

At the other end of the perspective, for those relocating to the area is the Boulder Pearl Street Mall area.  Another great example of intimate no car needed lifestyle.  You know, you might think: Colorado, big open spaces.  And that is true. But most people are trying to live in two relatively narrow areas.

  1. Between I-25 and the Rocky Mountains.  Close in this area is affectionately known as the Front Range.  Beloved because you get amazing weather with 300 days of sunshine living so close to the mountains.
  2. Along the I-70 corridor.  Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, whether that is skiing or hiking or all of the above. There are crystal clear streams to fly fish and rugged mountains to traverse.

Within the first area, near Boulder - we get a lot of younger Millennial home buyers.  And a lot of techies. And lots of environmentally sensitive people. I guess you could just say, we get a lot of everyone wanting to live here.  And as the region becomes ever more popular, we look for more opportunities to create wonderful walking friendly communities.  I've named two that are pretty special.  

The Boulder Pearl Street Mall comprises a walking/no cars area plus several additional blocks of traditional downtown shopping and dining.  Attached dwellings dominate on the Mall blocks while a block or two off the Mall, you can find all sorts of housing - even the 1970's sitcom house from Mork & Mindy.

That's a small glimpse of the walk everywhere neighborhoods that make Boulder CO so special.  DO YOU HAVE COMMUNIITIES THAT ARE ALL ABOUT WALKING WHERE YOU ARE?

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