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Nassau County Homeowners: TAX Grievance Deadline Extended: 4/30/2020!

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Homeowners in Nassau County, NY. Grieve Your Real Estate Taxes before April 30, 2020 to Reduce Your Taxes in 2021!

Deadline: March 2, 2020 - 1st Extension: April 2, 2020 - 2nd Extension Deadline: April 30, 2020

Successfully Grieve Your Taxes: Homeowners in Sands Point, Port Washington, Manhasset, Great Neck in the Town of North Hempstead, Nassau County, NY. Think you're taxes are too high? Are your property taxes higher than similar homes in your neighborhood? The fact is, if you live in one of the town I mentioned above and have never grieved your taxes, the odds for a tax reduction are in your favor. I've been a Dual Licensed Real Estate Broker and Construction Manager, expediting and resolving Zoning Code and Building Department issues in New York State, since 1985. Below are your Grievance Options and My Advice, Good Luck!

There are many real estate law firms, independent general attorneys and property appraisers, who you receive flyers and mailings from on a daily basis, offering Tax Grievance services with standard fees ranging from 50% to 33% of “your savings;” their “services are free," "only pay if your taxes are reduced;” since most taxes are reduced, plan on leaving 33% or 50% of your savings with them, which is much more than necessary; there's a better way. 

As top producing real estate broker and builder on the North Shore of Long Island, NY. for 35 years, I've dealt with most/all of these firms, don't expect to receive legal services, meet or speak with an attorney, that's not how it works. It's automated process, you'll submit info online, a clerk will review it, approve it and submit it. The issue my clients and I had years ago, was the disproportionate cost for the amount and level of work that's required. Example, the fee for the successful reduction of $5,000 on a Sands Point home at 50% Costs you $2,500 or $1,650 at 33%, without a barometer, you don't know if these fees are fair or exorbitant. I share my answer, the solution and advice (below) so you can: 1. Reduce your Taxes  2. Pay a Fair Rate 3. Retain Most of You Saving = Your Money! 

Bill's Advice: Bill is extremely discerning and only recommends top-rated professionals and vendors who are experienced business owners or senior managers, with the authority required to complete their responsibilities on time with marked consistency and whom he’s successfully worked with for years. For taxes, especially if it's the first time you're grieving your taxes, Dan Aarons, principal of Aarons & Associates, Inc. Real Estate Appraisers has been my first choice for years, providing professional services, excellent results, and a discounted “flat fee rate” to my clients! (below) More Info Please Click to: Email Dan Aarons or Call: 212.349.3944

Revised: 2nd Extension DEADLINE: April 30, 2020 

Grievance Timeline for Nassau County, NY:

August through December: file your grievance application w Aarons.
January & February: applications submitted to County and/or Villages.
June through November: Aarons receives the results.
• Repeat this process annually until reductions cease.

Grievance Fee is based upon the property’s total Assessed Value:

• Under $1,000,000: …………………….. $350.00
• $1,000,000 to $2,000,000: ……… $400.00
• $2,000,000 and above: ……………… $500.00

 All Questions and Tax Grievance Inquires: Email Dan Aarons or Call Dan: 212.349.3944 

 Real Estate Market or COVID Questions? Bill.Bodouva@cbmoves.com or Call/Text: 516.815.6600 


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*The information above was provided by Nationally Accredited Hall of Fame REALTOR® NAR® William N. Bodouva, Jr. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury with the sole intention of providing accurate real estate information and resources that Save Money and/or add Value to Homeowners and Home Buyers. Endorsements are genuine, with no incentives.    

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