5 Areas Necessary for a Real Estate Agent’s Rapid Growth

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By Rich Levin, Founder of Real Estate Grad School Inc. 

Sean was a Real Estate Agent in Albany, New York. He was successful, earning a six-figure income until he blew up his life with drugs and alcohol. That led to his divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and limited custody of their 3 children. He hit bottom. He left Real Estate and worked in retail sales jobs.

Sean is a good man. He kept fighting for his life until he was clean and sober for over 2 years. His confidence began to return. He met and married a woman who loved him for his strength. They have a beautiful daughter. With two incomes they bought a modest home and he returned to Real Estate.

One thing that Sean never spoke about to anyone was that he was continuously haunted. He was terrified of losing it all, again. That fear undermined his growing confidence. So, his Real Estate career was going ok but not well enough for him to feel secure.

Sean’s Broker knew Sean had great potential. But the Broker didn’t know how to help Sean realize that potential. The Broker witnessed how I had transformed the careers and incomes of other Agents in his company.

He referred Sean to me. Three years later Sean’s income had risen from under $60,000 per year to over $200,000 per year.

That exceptional growth is normal for Agents who put the following routines and systems in place. It is available to every Agent.

There are a handful of systems that create immediate, dramatic, and repeatable growth. Even more difficult than learning and implementing those systems is managing all of it each day. The solution cannot be a cookie-cutter solution. The solution has to be adaptable. Because each experienced Agent has different strengths to build on, along with different weaknesses to overcome.

This solution works for Agents all over the country. Tom was an Agent who is strong at prospecting but weak on marketing. Suzanne was fantastic with Buyers but very week with listings. Cathy was strong on Social Media but weak on scripts. Randy was really strong on scripts but horrible on staying in touch with his leads. Each of them added over $50,000 to their income in the 12 months after putting this comprehensive yet very simple strategy in place. They each continue to add $10’s of thousands to their income year after year. These are not exceptional Agents. These are normal Agents who wanted more. This is available and possible for you.

There are 5 areas of a Real Estate business necessary for this rapid growth.

1.     Marketing Systems

2.     Prospecting Systems

3.     Presentation Systems

4.     Service Systems

5.     Planning Systems

Each Agent has strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas. Rapid growth requires that the Agent learn to maximize their strengths while they strategize around or strengthen their weaknesses.

To make it all happen, while the Agent is actively listing and selling, requires that the Agent conduct a brief, structured daily planning session. The structure for that daily planning session includes:

·        Work that strengthens mindset and attitude

·        Attention to where the Agent stands concerning their goals

·        Successful strategies and actions for a long- term and short-term lead generation

·        A successful strategy and actions for lead retention

·        A few minutes to plan and schedule the most productive day, every day

All this comes together in the Agent’s 10 minutes of structured daily planning.

Two secrets that bring all of this together is that 10 minutes of structured planning. One secret is a checklist that we call the Income Breakthrough Checklist. The other secret is an adaptable time-blocked schedule as follows:

·        Ten minutes of planning in the office where the Agent will be working.

·        Followed by one hour or longer in the office working on the planned actions  

·        Then, one hour or longer of the fieldwork. That is inspections, errands, etc.

·        And mid-afternoon into the evening working with Buyers and Sellers

The actions that fill these broad time blocks are scheduled in the 10 minutes of planning.

As an Agent adheres to this structured 10 minutes of structured planning followed by these loosely structured time-blocks, they organically learn, and naturally recognize what is working in their business, what is not working.  

Sean had a dream, even in his first marriage, to move from cold winters of Albany, New York to the warm west coast of Florida. Today, he is a top Agent in a beautiful home in the location of his dreams. He is confident, financially secure living a life he loves.

There is a clear path for you to achieve the income you imagine is possible. The systems and skills to get there are simple but not easy. When an Agent’s flaws stop them from having a life they love, those flaws are overcome with this handful of systems that create immediate, dramatic, and repeatable growth. It is not a cookie-cutter solution. It is a custom solution that you can develop for you.

If you would like a copy of the Income Breakthrough Checklist, request it from the author at Real Estate Grad School.

Rich@REGradSchool.com                                                                                                                           585-244-2700


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