Creative Ways to Keep Our Kids Busy

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We’re very mindful of all the families at home with young children and all the adults trying to keep them busy and occupied. We’ve curated a list of activities you can either do with your kids and some they can do themselves, so you can either work from home or sneak in a little break.

Go treasure hunting. Similar to a scavenger hunt, give your children clues to follow to unearth a treasure right in their own home or garden. This can be as easy or as elaborate as you’d like – as long as there is a fun reward at the end of their quest.

Grow something. Garden centers are still open in California. If you’re able to leave the house, safely visit your local nursery to pick up items like seeds, soil, a planter, etc., for a potted plant or vegetable. You can start growing plants from seeds inside and then repot your seedling as necessary.  Read More: 

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