7 Reasons Why Having A Garden Is Good For You (and the Earth)

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It Cuts Down On Travel Emissions


Ever wonder where the food you get at the grocery store comes from? It gets there from all corners of the Earth- by trucks, plains and trains. 


While being so global does have its perks- it also has its downfalls. 


We are shipping all sorts of things across the globe every single day. Why not cut down where you can by growing some of your own food?


Or you could at least try to buy things in season and locally!

Pesticides Aren’t Necessary


Pesticides are harmful to our health, the environment and the wildlife across the planet. They can also impact the development of a child's nervous system.


When you have a small garden, pesticides aren’t necessary. You can control the weeds naturally and reap the organic rewards of your efforts!


Being In Nature Is Good For Your Health


Touching the dirt and breathing in fresh air is good for your health. Weeding is kind of a mindless meditation and growing your own food, flowers and herbs will bring a joy that’s hard to find elsewhere! 


It reduces feelings of anger, fear and stress while raising pleasant feelings. It can also contribute to your physical health by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones.


It’s Gratifying To Grow Something Yourself


Seeing something grow because of the work you put in is extremely gratifying. It teaches you patience, perseverance and helps you unlearn instant gratification. 


A Garden Build Connections


Growing lots of extra veggies is fun because you can share them with friends, neighbors and family! Who doesn’t love getting a basket of fresh, home grown veggies??


Trading veggies is also a fun way of connecting!


A Garden Attracts Insects And Wildlife


A garden will attract all sorts of beautiful critters! Growing flowers especially are very helpful to bees who need lots of flowers to pollinate. 


Learning To Garden Is A Great Life Skill

Knowing how to grow and process your own food is a skill that can help you and your kids for the rest of your lives! Never look lightly on knowing how to garden. If you’re interested in some gardening tips for beginners, you can check out this article from Dad Goes Vegan!


Anyone Can Start A Garden!


The beauty of gardens is that ANYONE can have one! Maybe your garden won't like a giant one out in the country- maybe it will be tiny or strictly in pots on your deck. Whatever it looks like, count your blessings and enjoy it :)

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Jen Blaske these are very valuable reasons for having a garden is healthy and good for you and earth.

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