How to Cancel or Update Your Change of Address

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How Do I Update or Cancel My Change of Address?

Do you want to learn how to cancel or update your change of address request with the post office? Changing your address details is a chore you need to take care of before your moving date. But what if things change before the move? All of a sudden, you need to cancel the change of address notifications or change the date that you will move into your new home.

Everyone knows that forwarding your mail by changing your address is vital when buying or selling a home. Sometimes life gets in the way with your plans, though.

Don't worry, these things aren't too difficult to fix and should only take you a couple of minutes.

How Do I Cancel Change Of Address?

You are able to cancel your change of address request even though the date of the move has been and gone. You can still do this online to cancel or update the change of address information.

Head to the USPS change of address webpage and locate the heading near the bottom of the page, which says, "Have you already changed your address?". Click on the "View or Edit" part to proceed.

On the next page, you will need to fill out the confirmation code you were given when using their service previously. This is a sixteen-digit code, copy it from the email they sent you, if you did this online, and paste it into the form. You will also need your new Zip Code.

The next page gives you options to:

  • Change the mail forwarding start date
  • Change the end date
  • Modify your phone number or email address
  • Make a temporary move a permanent change
  • Convert a family move to an individual move
  • Cancel your change of address request

How To Update Your Change Of Address Offline

If you have problems modifying your details on their site, there are other options. For example, if you can't find your confirmation code or you lock your account by trying to make too many updates (only two are allowed per day), you can visit your local Post Office.

A Postal Clerk will be able to update your change of address information or alternatively call 1-800-275-8777 to have a USPS representative guide you through the process. The post office will be more than happy to get your address change straightened out. It only makes their job that much more comfortable in the long run.

Other Things To Consider When Changing Address

When is the best time to update the change of address information?

You should give at least two weeks' notice to change your details with the USPS. You will need to receive their Mover Validation Letter in the mail so that you can confirm the change of address request.

Who should you notify when moving?

The USPS service just forwards your mail; it doesn't change your address with other organizations. It is essential not to miss anyone out when thinking about who to notify you are moving. Here is a detailed list of who to let know of your address change found at Maximum Real Estate Exposure. Their comprehensive notification list is impressive. Make a list and cross off the names, so you don't miss any.

You don't want to suddenly find out months later that you still owe money to an organization you forgot to cancel when moving. Take a look at some of the people and organizations below that are most critical.

Besides the USPS, have you remembered the following:

  • The IRS
  • Social Security Administration
  • DMV
  • Voter Registration
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and credit card companies
  • Internet, phone and cable providers
  • Gas and electric
  • Loan companies
  • Online shopping stores
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Doctors, dentists, and any other medical professionals
  • Memberships

Fortunately, most organizations will allow you to update your address details online, but it is a good idea to check when you are making your list to avoid problems. Things like your driver's license and registration need be to updated if you are going to stay on the right side of the law. Most states allow you to change these things online so you won't need to take the dreaded trip to the DMV.

Getting your mail square away is even more essential when you're making a long-distance move and won't have the convenience of coming back to your previous home to pick up mail/

How expensive is it to change your address?

It only costs $1.05 to file a request with the USPS online. This fee is used to check your identity and to protect against fraud. The USPS will check that your credit card matches the address you want to change from or to.

This should be the only charge to change your details online. If you find yourself on a website that offers to change your address for a hefty fee, don't pay it and go to the real USPS site. There have been several scams that try to convince you that you need to spend more than just over a dollar to change the address.

If you don't want to pay anything, there is no fee required when filing a change of address at a Post Office. You will also need to visit a Post Office if you are moving outside of the country, as you can't do this online.

Final Thoughts on Address Changes

Whether you are buying or selling a home or have just decided to stay put, getting your address squared away with the post office is a critical exercise. You should always strive to get this done in an expeditious fashion. By delaying squaring away your address with the postal service, you'll run the risk of not getting your most valuable mail in a timely manner.

Moving mistakes happen quite frequently, but this one is a simple one to avoid if you're paying attention.

Over my thirty-three plus years of selling real estate, I've seen numerous occasions where folks did not get their mail taken care of when they should. Months later, the previous owner of their home is still getting their mail. Obviously, this is not an enviable position to find yourself in. Get your mailing address square away early!

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