Making Money Wholesaling Flint Mi & Why Investors Need Wholesalers

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House Tour Making Money Wholesaling in the Flint Mi & Why Investors Need Wholesalers


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A Win- Win- Win Deal


Seller gets $3000

Investor buyer gets good rental for $7700 that will rent $650 a month

Todd’s Wholesalers team gets assignment fee of $4700

Regarding  a property on  Neubert Ave, Flint, MI 


Todd Wholesale Team got this under contract with the seller for $3000 (seller pays standard closing costs and buyer pays standard closing costs) 


Any taxes, water, or liens to be paid at closing from Sellers funds.


The Todd Wholesale Team then assigned his $3000 purchase agreement to investor buyer for $4700


The Investor buyer steps in and closes the loan in wholesaler place and wholesaler receive an assignment fee of $4700 and the seller receives his $3000 minus closing costs, water, taxes and any liens if any. 


The seller was happy to get rid of this headache. It was his fathers property and it was willed to him and the seller lives an hour away. The property needs work to bring it up to a selling or rental condition. The seller just wanted to get a few dollars and not have to deal with this any longer. 


The Investor Buyer is looking to add this as a rental property to his portfolio. He is going to clean it up and keep it is a rental property. He will rent it for $650. 


The great thing about Todd’s wholesale team is that everyone got what they wanted. Call  or Text Todd at 248-487-9195 or email him at – Ask to be put on his buyers list or if interest ask about his wholesale team.


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