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Whenever I get around to painting

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I had every intention of getting a few rooms painted these past few weeks but I haven't pulled out my paint brushes yet. Anybody else in the same boat?


I had big plans but it's looking as though my big plans are changing.


Shortly after we moved into our new home I painted the whole first floor Silver Drop by Behr.

It's such a pretty warm gray and an almost greige paint color.  It's still one of my favorite paint colors and any chance I can talk about it on my blog, I do.


I also listed Silver Drop in my recent post about the best greige paint colors that are trending right now. My post also includes some pretty warm gray paint colors.


Greige paint colors are becoming more and more popular now that the trend is leaning more towards warmer paint colors. I'm loving this new "trend". I really do not believe in trends though. I like to decorate my home however I please regardless if it is trending right now.


A few years ago, I was the biggest fan of the chippy/vintage farmhouse look. I know most people can relate


I still have a small spot in my heart for the farmhouse look but lately that soft spot has gotten a little modern. I recently did a blog post about some popular farmhouse paint colors too.


Farmhouse and modern farmhouse paint colors are usually soft and neutral with that lived in feeling. They set off a cozy vibe.


They really are the perfect paint color for any space in your home. Most of these paint colors can be used on your walls but would look pretty on a painted piece of furniture too.


I'm still holding out hope that I can get some painting done in my home but if not, at least I know I did my research on popular paint colors!