Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor After A Storm

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You just had hail or windstorm and your roof and siding are destroyed, what do you do next? This is exactly where Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana homeowners find themselves today. Massive 3”-4” hail and high winds blew through both cities and made a mess of home in the area this past week. How do you know what roofing contractor to hire? 


Look Local


The first thing you want to look for is a local roofer. Just because a roofing company is local does not mean that it is the only thing to look at, however, a local roofer is much more likely to care about your roofing services. A local roofing company will be worried about their reputation in the community. Roofers from out of state, in most cases, will hit your area to make a quick buck and you will never see them again. The only roofing warranty you will get is what’s called a taillight warranty. You get a warranty if you can see their taillights. 


Solid Roofing Credentials


Always look at a roofing company’s credentials. Never hire a roofing contractor that is not credentialed with at least one large shingle manufacture. A roofing company that has solid credentials will be under scrutiny by the shingle manufacturer that is handing out the credentials. This is one more layer of protection for you. 


Accredited with the Better Business Bureau


Most roofers that are accredited with the BBB are concerned with their reputation. Ask your roofing company if they are accredited with the BBB. If they are not BBB accredited, ask them why they are not. You can still look them up on the BBB and if they have complaints they will still be listed, accredited, or not. 


Have Proper Workers Comp & General Liability Insurance


Don’t just ask if they have it, make sure you see their COI, certificate of insurance. Look at the insurance company. Look at the expiration date of the work comp and GL. You need to make sure the roofer you choose is fully insured. If they aren’t properly insured, if an accident happens on your property, you could be liable for all damages to property and people. 


Does Not Cover Deductibles


This one gets many people; a roofer will say, no out of pocket expenses and then get down to how they will cover your deductible later in the conversation. In most cases, the insurance company is going to write a scope of loss on your home. These prices come from a national system and pricing for your area. The price they give will be what it will cost to get your home back like it was before the hail and windstorm. If a roofer covers your deductible that money must come from somewhere. Roofers handing out cheap bids are doing two things to get the price down, giving you cheaper materials or giving you cheap labor. There are no other places for that money to come from. Don’t be fooled by a bid that is a little cheaper. 


Local Reputation


One of the last and most important things to look at before you hire a roofer is reputation. You want to check the reputation of the roofing company, but also the man or woman that owns it. A person’s reputation generally means everything. An individual that is concerned about his or her reputation is going to treat you right. How they look in their community matters. This is the individual and company you want to hire. 


Alpha Roofing in Shreveport & Bossier City Louisiana is that company. Alpha Roofing has work comp and GL, is certified with one of the largest roofing materials manufacturers in the world, the CertainTeed Corporation. Alpha is accredited with the BBB with an A+ rating. And reputation? Brock Dowden was a United States Marine, this is a rock-solid reputation. An American loving hard working roofing contractor. Call Alpha Roofing today and let Brock and his team show you just how much they care about Shreveport and Bossier City homeowners. 

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chuck magee very good report about choosing the right roofing contractor after a storm.

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