6 Steps to Being a More Effective Remote Worker

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Working from home may sound like a dream come true, but in reality- it's just as much time and responsibility. We've put together six steps to help you become a more effective worker!

1. Over-communicate.

Make sure you understand your company's work remote policies, especially procedures and expectations. If you're managing anyone, make sure you're clear about any expectations. Be very specific. The more guidance you provide, the fewer chances for misunderstandings, and the smoother things will go. Especially if you're working in different time zones. 

Try to be prompt when returning things like calls and emails. And if you need to resolve any issues quickly, rd Video conferences are also common for remote workers.

2. Make the most of your tools. 

If you don't already- things like Google Docs or Dropbox work well when sharing files. Simple things like a calendar are crucial when trying to stay organized. If you don't like keeping things on paper, then are plenty of apps to help you schedule out your day, and even your week!

3. Consider your workspace.

Set up a space you can focus on your tasks for the day, no distractions. Whether it's a co-working space, or a designated space at home- make sure it makes you feel motivated to work rather than drained.

Think about your chair set-up, and even your lighting. Make sure your space isn't having an impact on your body over time. This is why sitting at a desk can be healthier than sitting on something like a sofa. To create a healthy work environment, looking after the stress on your body is crucial. 

4. Discover your working style.

Do you work better with white noise? Or maybe just silence? Do you need to invest in noice cancelling headphones? Also, try figuring out if you're more productive in the mornings or in the evenings. Are you motivated by taking small breaks throughout the day? 

Give yourself permission to sit back and breathe, play low music, or grab a dose of fresh air. It's recommended to pause every 45 minutes and do some gentle stretches. Things like this will help you feel calmer, clear-headed, and a little messed stressed out.

5. Include self-care.

If you find yourself stuck to your screen for a long period of time, sometimes it might be necessary. Maybe you're closing a deal or giving a presentation. Just remember to give time for yourself, as well! Creating spaces in your schedule for healthy meals, snacks, or stretches. Doing this will help you become more focused and productive. 

Why not try aromatherapy? Taking regular inhalations will help you feel more energized and clear-headed.

6. Keep a morning routine.

Get into a productive mindset. Meditate on what you need to do to mentally prepare yourself for the day.

Maybe you don't need as much time for things like hair and makeup, but remember that how we look can impact the way we feel. Something about getting dressed properly can can energize you to start thinking for the day. Also, without a routine you may have a hard time waking up and engaging. You could start with simple things like changing clothes, having breakfast, setting your goals for the day, or even going for a walk around the neighborhood.


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Like with most things, it takes some time to adapt to remote work. Thanks for these great tips, Victor Amadi.

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