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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ten Things to Know When Planting a Garden

This is the time we see the stores stocking the essentials for spring planting season whether it is flowers or vegetables. Here are 10 things to consider when planting a garden.

1. Provide a level surface. This can be done by grading an existing area or by making raised beds to plant in. AVOID planting on an incline so you won’t risk water runoff before it can absorb into the ground.

2. Loosen the soil before you plant. Tilling a larger area or using a shovel for smaller areas will accomplish this and allow for the seeds or starter plants to attract and feed off the soil’s nutrients.

3. Don’t plant too close to a solid structure. A wall or solid fence will not allow for proper air circulation for plants and can increase the likelihood of a fungus buildup. A good 2-3 feet of separation will work in most cases.

4. Know your area. What plants thrive the best in your area based on the climate, average rainfall, and soil type. If your soil is lacking in nutrients, you can add fertilizer to help your plants thrive.

5. Correct seed spacing and placement. Don’t put seeds or plantings too close together so that they won’t have room to grow. Consider the mature plant size when determining how much space you will need. Also, make sure that you aren’t putting things next to each other that will hurt each other such as a tall plant shadowing a smaller plant and not letting it get enough sunlight.

6. Water appropriately. Know which of your plants need a lot of water and which ones can handle the heat better. You don’t want to drown the plants just give them a nice drink preferably in the early morning when the air is cool.

Hope this helps to make your home garden grow.

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