Wood Home Decor Ideas and How to Care for Your Wood

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Wood decorations can offer a modern and contemporary look for your house. There are several wood decoration materials suitable for a house including blond wood, teak wood, cedarwood, cherry wood paneling and wood furnishing and artwork. Many people use different types of artwork, paint and hardware to bring their wood interior design ideas into life. Here are some ideas suggested by Taweesak Furniture to decorate your house with wood and how to maintain your wood.


Blond wood

This wood decoration is best paired with a minimalistic look that includes light-colored paint and a darker or brighter color for a simple contrast. Blond furniture works best with plain white walls. However, you may choose an espresso-colored wall or matte orange if white and primary colors do not suit your style.

Some blond furnishings come with wooden fit-outs such as knobs on end tables and pulls used on dressers. Look for furnishings that feature stainless steel or silver plates to work well with modern blond furnishings.

Blond furniture works well with black and white artwork including photographic landscapes and cityscape images. For a truly modern look, frame the artwork in simple silver frames in frameless mount. Silver candlesticks make suitable décor for a blond room with their elegant polish and final touch.


Cedar Wood Walls

Cedar walls can make beautiful house decorations. There is no reason why cedar walls cannot make the backdrop for a spectacular room. Your choice of furnishings, accessories and their arrangement can draw attention to your walls to highlight them or draw attention away from the cedar walls if you prefer.

Assess the quality of your house’s cedar walls and plan to highlight quality wood or redirect attention to other areas of your house. Strip off dark stains and sand imperfections. Use fabrics in light but warm colors such as cream, deep red, gold and green to help counterbalance the cedar.

Use rustic, wooden furnishings to a create warm and welcoming mood. Examples of house solutions that you can use to accentuate cedar walls include big upholstered pieces such as oak-framed chairs and side tables with wrought-iron legs. A large mirror opposite the room will help bounce around some of the natural light.


Wood Paneling

Wood paneling can add visual interest and warmth to your walls. Fortunately, modern wood wall paneling provides more options. If you have an old-style wood wall paneling in your house, you do not need to remove it. Instead, paint the paneling with a coat of primer and apply your color. You can paint the paneling to match the rest of your wall or choose another color to highlight the wall. Install dark, raised wood panels on every wall to create the old study house look. Alternatively, apply horizontal or diagonal board paneling for an unusual look.


How to Keep your Wooden Furniture Termite Free

There is probably no creature as devastating to home as that annoying little insect called a termite. Taking control of a buggy situation to save your wooden lawn decoration and furniture is imperative if you literally want to hang on to your seat. While the best route to take is to call in a professional exterminator, you can try other methods before you are left with a pile of sawdust where your beautiful wooden furniture once stood.

Getting to Know Your Termite

You would think that a termite is just that, a termite. Many people do not realize that there are three different types of termites within the United States.

  • Subterranean termites: These termites prefer a moist living condition such as in the soil.
  • Dampwood termites: These insects enjoy making their home in wet and damp wood, such as that found in the forest.
  • Drywood termites: Termites of this type enjoy chomping up the wood from your home structures as well as your outdoor wooden furniture.

Creatures of all sizes seem to start moving in the spring, and the termite is no exception. They tend to swarm when warm weather arrives, leaving behind them a trail of noticeable damage. Outdoor furniture that has a blistered or darkened surface may be home to termites. Termite control at this point is necessary if you want to save your valuable wooden furniture.


Taking Control of the Situation

The type of termite treatment you choose depends on the infestation as well as the environmental factors involved in the treatment. Experts highly recommend calling in the professionals to get rid of termites as they are highly trained for spotting termite infestations. They also are aware of the insecticides that are best suited to the infestation and that will not harm the environment in the termite treatment process.


If you are determined to obliterate the termites by yourself, there are some steps to follow. Begin by finding the place the termites have entered the piece of furniture. This can be done by tapping on the furniture while turned upside down to let the loose wood fall out. Termites will bore tiny holes that are approximately 1/16 of an inch into the furniture and the location will be discolored. This is the point where you should inject the insecticide. Protect upholstered furniture by covering the material with plastic or cloth before using the insecticide. Larger furniture may require a professional fumigation treatment where the piece is sealed and fumigated. The heat method where hot air is pumped directly into the furniture to kill the termites is an environmentally sound form of termite treatment.


Termite control is essential to saving your prized wooden possessions. Whether you choose to take on the battle of the bug yourself or call in a trained professional, it is imperative that steps be taken immediately if you suspect there is a termite problem. It is estimated that damage done to properties throughout the year in this country rises into the five billion dollar range, so taking a strong stand against these pests is important to save your property from being a part of this sad statistic.

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