Every Little Bit Helps

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I received a comment on my YouTube channel yesterday that really made me think.  The comment was asking how she could save money if she was living paycheck to paycheck and never has any money to save.


This really made me think about how every little bit of money that we can bring into our households help. The most recent post of my blog talks about ways to earn free money.  I talk about legitimate ways to earn money with very little effort as well as ways to take advantage of free money that is already being offered to you.



This free money is nothing that is going to make you rich.  However, the comment on my YouTube channel just drives home the point that every little bit of money that you can earn really helps.


After budgeting and cutting expenses the next step is bringing in more income. Making an extra $50 a week by doing online surveys doesn't sound like a lot.  But if you are in the position where you don't have any money from your paycheck to save, this $50 a week is priceless if you are saving it for your emergency fund.


Sometimes people think to make an extra $5 here and an extra $20 there isn't worth it.  But in my humble opinion, any legitimate extra money that you can make and save to help you reach your goals is worth it.


What do you think?



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