Propstream: The Best Investing Software?

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What Is Propstream?

Propstream is a California-based company that builds an all-in--one lead generation platform for real estate investors. From a single dashboard, you can connect with motivated sellers.

Find leads, then analyze them with the deal analyzer. When you've found one you like, send direct mailers right from the system. This platform does everything but market the end result to buyers. If you want that functionality, you'll need to buy a platform like Realeflow.

Why Use the Platform?

Since 2008, the number of motivated sellers has skyrocketed. Although the investing market is becoming saturated, investors can still find deals by curating highly-targeted lists.

To do this, you'll need to target a few different types of sellers:

  • Absentee owners
  • Zombie properties
  • High equity and cash owners
  • Vacant properties
  • Pre-foreclosure & foreclosure
  • Inherited

Fortunately for you, Propstream lets you find these properties, and more. Just open the system, use the dashboard to search your desired area, and you'll have a list of motivated sellers in no time.

Best Features

There are many features to speak of, but we love the rehab estimator, deal dashboard, and deal analyzer. These combined save you time and money, because it eliminates the need to put your figures into a spreadsheet.

Direct mail integration is a must for any all-in-one platform. With this feature, simply find the leads, build a list, and send custom mailers to the lead's mailing address.

You can even set up drip campaigns to contact the homeowner on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Mailers are reasonably priced at around $.60, but this amount varies by mailer type.

Use It If…

This platform is not for everyone. For example, it's best for investors with a decent set of processes in place. Unlike platforms like REIPro, there's no transaction management system. But for investors seeking automation for their core tasks at a decent price, this is your platform.

Skip It If…

If you're a new investor, this platform may overwhelm you. Like we said, you have to have decent systems in place to make this work. What good are leads if you can't efficiently handle them?

Like Propstream? Here’s Your Next Step

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