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Best Real Estate Articles for April 2020

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Are you in search of  some really good reads when it comes to Real Estate? Then, you're in luck, as Sharon Paxson has compiled an amazing list of Real Estate know how.  Be sure to take a look as there's something for everyone.

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As a new month begins and social distancing continues, I’m trying to focus on all the silver linings in my life. I hope you are all focused on your silver linings, whatever they may be. April 2020 has continued with the shelter in place orders. We are all experiencing the new normal including Zoom (or equivalent meetings), wearing masks in public, constant hand washing, disinfecting every door handle, and yet top Real Estate bloggers are continuing to share relevant real estate information. There have been changes with how real estate is practiced, and it is an adjustment for not only Real Estate agents, but it has also changed for buying and selling a home across the country.

Check out the April 2020 edition of the Best Real estate articles. You will find relevant information about COVID-19 and much more.

Should I Buy a Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

You are in the market to purchase a home and you may be asking yourself if it is a good time to purchase a home during the current Pandemic. Petra Norris has put together a detailed resource about Buying a Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic. In the article, she discusses that it is a good time to purchase a home. The buyers are serious and have been pre-qualified to purchase a home. Other benefits include that the interest rates are at historic lows, so it is a great time to take advantage of these rates. There will likely be less competition with the home buying process as well This is an excellent resource about buying a home during these uncertain times.

What Can You Do to Sell Your Home Safely?

Are you considering selling your home during this current Pandemic, then be sure to check out Lynn Pineda's article about What Can You Do to Sell Your Home Safely? The very first thing that Lynn tells us is to find that calm place in your being. That is extremely important right now. Emotions are running high, people are a little edgier because there is so much unknown. Lynn goes on to discuss the importance of finding a real estate agent who is well versed in digital technology. From virtual meetings to virtual showings, buying a home can be done without ever seeing inside the home. Open houses are quite frankly a thing of the past. There will be no more opening up homes to buyers who are not qualified. This is a detailed article about selling your home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Benefits of a Buyer's Agent During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now more than ever you will need a buyer's agent to represent when you are buying a home.  A buyer’s agent will guide you through the home buying process and ensure that you have a smooth transaction. There are Benefits of Utilizing a Buyer's Agent During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The first and most important steps are the importance of speaking with a lender. Whether you are doing a Zoom meeting or just a phone conversation, you absolutely must have a pre-approval. There are not going to be sellers that are going to allow you into the property unless they know they are able to purchase it. Other factors include that most states are requiring a potential buyer to sign a physical entry advisory declaration prior to entry. This must be sent to the listing agent prior to entry into the property. Work with an experienced real estate agent who is well versed in digital technology, but also understands the requirements of the Realtor's associations.

Home Inspection Checklist

Buying a home has many steps and one of the most important steps is a home inspection. Kevin Vitali has put together a detailed post about Home Inspection Checklist | What to Look Out For. In the article, he provides the definition of a home inspection. The home inspector inspects the roof, garage, appliances, heating system, electrical, and may look for any cosmetic damages along the way. He discusses what is included in the home inspection exterior including missing roof tiles, a soggy spot in the yard, and more. Interior findings may include the condition of your appliances, previous damage to the home, like a fire, flood, and more. This is an excellent home inspection checklist for anyone purchasing a home.

Killer Tips for a Bathroom Makeover

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? If so be sure to check out Joy Bender's post over at Huliq about Killer Tips for a Bathroom Makeover. In the article, she includes items such as splurging on high-quality materials. Other features to consider with a bathroom makeover include adding creative shelving in the room. Be sure to keep the countertops clutter-free as that will create a clean and organized bathroom. Other recommendations in the article include utilizing rich fabrics and encourage energy-saving traits to save on your utility bills. This is a must-read for anyone updating their bathroom.

CMA Versus Appraisal - What is the Difference?

During the home selling or buying process, you probably have heard about CMAs and home appraisals. Both of them provide an assessment of the value of the property. Michelle Gibson has written an excellent article about CMA Versus Appraisal - What is the Difference? In the article, Michelle provides the definition of a CMA and that a real estate agent will prepare one to give their opinion of value on the property. CMA's are based upon recent sales with similar properties in close proximity. She provides the definition of an appraisal, and that it is completed by an appraiser. An appraisal is provided when a buyer is obtaining a mortgage on the property.

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Are you considering selling your home, then be sure to check out Luke Skar's post about Getting Your Home Ready to Sell over at Realty Biz News. In the article, he discusses the importance of creating a neutral color scheme as that will be appealing to more buyers. Be sure to declutter and it is ok to get rid of unnecessary items.  Rearrange cabinets and closets as buyers are going to be looking in those spaces as well. One of the last steps before putting the home on the market is to deep clean to ensure it shows well in photos, virtual tours and ultimately in-person showings.

Why You Need a Pre-Approval Letter Now

With the impact of the COVID19 shutdowns throughout the economy, there are home buyers are wondering whether now is the right time to buy a home.  Paul Sian has written an excellent post about Why You Need a Pre-Approval Letter Now! In the article, he discusses, the definition of a pre-approval letter which means a mortgage lender has analyzed a buyer's credit, debts, and assets and determined they qualify for a mortgage loan. Most sellers will not allow a potential buyer to view a property or have a physical in-person showing without proving they have the ability to purchase a home.

Best Real Estate Articles April 2020

Bill Gassett has put together his month edition of the Best Real Estate articles for April 2020 published earlier in April. In the round-up, you will find snippets from articles from top bloggers across the country. You will find information including how to forward mail via USPS, buying a home with the COVID-19 pandemic, and a long-distance moving checklist. You will find additional information about iBuyers, USDA property loan requirements, how investors deal with lack of rent, and much more. This is a fantastic round-up of real estate content for the month of April.

Final Thoughts

Continue to look for those silver linings and keep in mind it is a great time to buy a home. The buyers are more serious, and if homes are priced competitively, it is not uncommon to see multiple offer situations. You need an experienced agent to guide you through the home buying process.

We hope you enjoyed this month's round-up of articles and hope you gained some knowledge especially about what is the "new" normal.


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