Has anyone kicked your dog lately?

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June 13,2008


 I'm not talking about animal abuse, I'm talking about criticism!  Personal, professional, constructive, destructive:  However . .these OPINIONS are what shape us as individuals and challenge our character and morals each day.  I've been thinking a great deal about this topic, both in reading "How to stop worrying and Live Life" by Dale Carnegie, and applying to my life.   


One significant accomplishment I have made thus far, was becoming editor and chief of my high school newspaper.    If any of my former reporters are reading this, they know that I was grossly involved in that publication.    I was very lucky to have two great journalism teachers during this developmental time in my life.  The first had been running the paper as a small business ( we sold ads to the local community) for over 10 years.   When I first met him I was determined to show him how badly I wanted to work my way up the class ranks.   I had always been able to impress my teachers with my enthusiasm, but not Mr. Walters.   He pushed me to my limit and demanded perfection.  It was very rare that he gave me an A in his class.  I can remember totally loosing it at advisory grading time.  


In my junior year he was offered a job at another school and told us all that he would not be returning.  We would be on our own with a new teacher (who had never taught journalism) next year.    Before he left he pulled me aside and told me that I had earned the position of Editor and Chief.    All of the afternoon hours, and time on holiday breaks, the B's - They all had a purpose. To make me a better writer and prepare me for managing the paper.   He didn't hate me, he wanted me to succeed.    My senior year the teacher that replaced Mr. Walters, approached the paper with zeal to match my enthusiasm. Although it was a little rocky, we made the paper something to remember.  Mr. Digmond taught me to think outside the box,  exposed me to different political views, and helped "lighten" the mood when I took myself  and the silly paper just a little to seriously.          

  Currently my boss ( and Brother-in-Law)  has taken it upon himself to help push my real estate career to the next level.   I always try to take into consideration his "suggestions" and "examples" because in many ways he reminds me of Mr. Walters.    Does anyone in your life "kick your dog"?  How comfortable are you at your desk right now?   If you are not experiencing a level of discomfort then maybe you are not allowing yourself room to grow and improve at what you do.   Accountability is an important and perpetual part of our lives, because without it, we never learn from our mistakes!  



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