Storage Ideas for your Newly Purchased Owen Sound Condo

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You are a first-time buyer who has just purchased a condo for sale in Owen Sound. You’ve got your keys, and it is now time to unpacked all your belongings, you may feel a bit of panic.

How will all of this stuff fit? You may have to purge some items to make your new space work. However, organization is a magical practice—you will be surprised how much extra space you’ll gain when everything has a place of its own. Here are some tips for downsizing and maximizing storage in your small space.

Utilize Your Existing Closet Space
Oftentimes, condos in Owen Sound aren’t designed with enough closet space and there may also be a den that doesn’t have a closet at all. Before you get everything out and it ends up all over the floor, consider a trip to the hardware store to get some shelves and brackets.

Consider how many jackets you and your guests will want to hang up. This should give you a guideline as to how long you want your shelf. It has to be deep enough to be supported with shelf and rod brackets. You will need enough brackets to securely fasten the shelf to the wall and to support the rod, which will hold a good amount of weight at any given time. Keep in mind to install your shelf nice and high, as you don’t want any tall people to hit their head on it. You can hang extra-large S-hooks on the ends for umbrellas, bags, and purses. The same idea applies if you need extra clothing storage in a bedroom. And you can get some attractive boxes and put out of season outerwear or rarely used items on the top.

Consider Wall Storage
Bookcases, chests, and cabinets all take up your square footage. If you’re in a small space, consider utilizing your wall space for storage. If executed properly, open shelving can bring optimal storage and functionality to any room. Not to mention, they also serve as great focal points.

If you have a large library, ponder the idea of putting shelves with brackets all around the ceiling of your living room and/or your bedroom. Just measure your tallest book, and that will be your reference point for how low to hang them.

This frees up any floor and wall space that would have been used up by standing bookshelves, or even worse, piles and stacks, or boxes of books. Of course, shelves like this can be used for any number of things that you don’t need to access very much. You can get some decorative bins and fill them with small items, but be sure to label them.

When it comes to utilizing your shelving, put frequently used items at the easiest reachable height and infrequently-used things on the less-accessible shelves.

Paper and Office Storage
Unless you’ve decided to live off the grid, away from all humanity, you have a lot of documents, files, and papers to keep track of. That means, even if you live in a small Owen Sound condo, these papers need to have a designated place of their own, otherwise, trying to find something like your birth certificate or a lease agreement can turn into a nightmare of sifting through loose documents.

It is a good rule of thumb to keep paper items and office equipment and supplies out of the bedroom if you can. Consider carving out an office space in your den. It is advisable to get yourself a drop leaf table with drawers on two sides instead of a desk, where you can stash your pens, papers, and stapler etcetera. This enables you to have three configurations: flip both sides up for large projects, one side up for small projects, and when collapsed fully, you can always keep a laptop, monitor, or television on it.

If you don’t have the luxury of a den, try to fit a filing cabinet in a front closet or, if you’re really strapped for storage space, get boxes for under your bed.

A small amount of space doesn’t have to mean a dysfunctional space. Now that you are all set up and organized, you can enjoy the functionality of that new condo in Owen Sound, you just purchased.

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