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4 Ways to Observe Memorial Day

While many view Memorial Day as the kickoff to summer, it's important to remember the true meaning of the holiday. Unlike Veteran's Day, which honors all former and current military personnel, Memorial Day is dedicated to honoring the troops who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Originally called Decoration Day, observances began shortly after the Civil War when Americans would decorate the graves of fallen soldiers each spring. Congress deemed Memorial Day an official federal holiday in 1968.

Here are four meaningful ways to observe Memorial Day:

  • Make a patriotic craft while explaining the history and meaning of the holiday to your kids or grandkids.
  • Write letters to active military personnel or veterans. Find instructions at
  • Take part in the National Moment of Remembrance scheduled at 3 p.m. local time.
  • Visit a national cemetery or memorial. Read the names of fallen troops and reflect on the sacrifice they made for our country.


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Foster Care Month: How to Support a Foster Family
Quick Tips for Improving Your Mood
Mental Health Awareness Month
Fresh Corn Fritters

Foster Care Month: How to Support a Foster Family

Families who open their homes to children in foster care can easily feel isolated. Emotional, physical and mental burnout is high as they juggle additional commitments and navigate the emotional needs of the children they welcome.

Consider these four ideas for supporting foster families in your community this summer and beyond.

  1. Bring food. In the midst of weekly responsibilities and short-notice placements, meals can easily fall through the cracks for foster families. Help them out by delivering a hot dinner, a supply of freezer meals, quick breakfast foods, or a big basket of healthy snacks to keep them well-fed.
  2. Offer childcare and transportation. Foster families often have lots of appointments with medical professionals and social workers on top of their regular commitments. Look for ways to ease the stress. Drive their other kids to and from extracurricular activities, or volunteer to babysit while they take their foster kids to the doctor. You can also go through the respite care certification process to be able to watch foster kids, giving parents a break for a few hours or a long weekend.
  3. Take care of routine tasks. Mowing the lawn, folding laundry or picking up groceries can make a big difference, but few foster parents feel comfortable asking friends for help with these daily chores. Simply tell them what you want to do, and ask when would be the best time to help out.
  4. Listen without interjecting or offering advice. Foster parents are under a tremendous amount of pressure that few people understand. Simply lending a listening ear allows them to process what they're experiencing. However, be slow to offer any unsolicited advice. Keep in mind that foster parents have to protect the privacy of the children placed with them, so don't take it personally if they can't share specific details.


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Quick Tips for Improving Your Mood

From time to time, most of us experience feelings of frustration, stress or loneliness. Turn your mood around quickly with one of these easy activities.

  • Laugh. Laughter increases the dopamine in your brain, pumps oxygen through your body and cools down your stress response system. Try putting yourself in a giggle-inducing situation: Watch a funny YouTube video, turn on a comedy movie, or play a goofy game with your kids or pets.
  • Take a walk outside. Sometimes a simple stroll around the block can be enough to change your outlook, especially if you've been cooped up inside. Combining the benefits of sunshine, fresh air and exercise will do wonders for your blues.
  • Hydrate and eat a healthy snack. Instead of reaching for caffeine or junk food, drink lots of water and eat something nutritious. Fruit, veggies, protein, or something spicy can boost your energy and your spirits.
  • Listen to upbeat music. Research shows that listening to positive music can improve your mood, so grab some headphones and turn up the volume.
  • Talk it out. Ask a trusted friend or family member to listen to you verbally process how you're feeling. Getting your thoughts out can be therapeutic, and an empathetic ear helps you to remember that you're not alone.


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Mental Health Awareness Month

For those struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses, consistent therapy is often a crucial component of effective treatment. Since the cost of ongoing sessions can be an obstacle, consider these affordable options.

Sliding scale therapy is available for an hourly fee based on the patient's financial needs. If your insurance doesn't cover therapy, search for a licensed therapist in your area.

Low-fee or free community mental health clinics incorporate student therapists (who are supervised by licensed professionals) to offer highly discounted services. To find a clinic near you, visit

Therapy apps such as Talkspace and BetterHelp connect you with a therapist online. This is a convenient option for busy schedules but is not recommended for complicated mental health concerns.


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Fresh Corn Fritters

5 Tbsp. yellow cornmeal
¼ cup flour
½ tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. salt
½ tsp. pepper
½ cup fresh parsley, chopped
5 Tbsp. milk
2 cups fresh corn kernels
2-3 Tbsp. avocado oil

In a large bowl, whisk together cornmeal, flour, baking powder, salt, pepper, and parsley. Add milk and mix with a wooden spoon until thoroughly combined. Add corn and stir until kernels are well-coated with cornmeal mixture. Heat a large skillet to medium-high and add oil to pan.

Using a ¼ measuring cup, drop scoops of corn batter into skillet and gently flatten. Leave space between fritters so the edges don't touch.

Cook for 5 minutes on each side until browned. Place on a serving plate. Repeat cooking process until all batter is used (making 8-10 fritters), adding additional oil as needed. Serve immediately.


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