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For you as the Agent, the best script is one that gets you the listing and gets the listing sold.

Cheryl is an Agent in Portland. She has been in the business for over 20 years, consistently selling over $10,000,000 and over 40 homes per year.

She called me, crying.

Fighting back tears she said, “It happened again.”

“One of my listings expired. He wouldn’t relist with me. I tried so hard.”

“He relisted with another Agent for my price, for the price I always told him it would sell for from the beginning.”

I said, “We have all been there. At least, if we are any good, we have all been there.” I laughed. She laughed too.

She needed to feel better about herself to be able to learn the best pricing script and prevent that from ever happening again.

The best pricing script needs you to:

  1.       Be very clear on the price that you recommend to the Seller.
  2.       Emphasize your ability to get the highest possible price.
  3.       Give the owner permission to own the price.

Below is the script that you use during your Listing Presentation, just as you are about to present price.

“I’ll show you all the information that you need, to choose the asking price that will get you the most from a Buyer.”

“I’ve done my work gathering all this information. From that, I’ll give you my recommendation.

“Obviously, you can take my recommendation or choose an asking price that is higher or lower than that.”

The decision on price is always yours, completely your choice.”

“Does that make sense?”

My strength is marketing your property, getting the maximum number of Buyers to know about your property, to see your property, and get you the highest possible price.”

“That’s the goal, getting you the highest price isn’t it?”

“Forgive the immodesty, but marketing to get you the best price is my main job and I’m very good at it.?

“Throughout, all the decisions about price are completely in your hands.”

The above script accomplishes numbers 2 and 3 below. The next script accomplishes number 1.

  1.       Be very clear on the price that you recommend
  2.       Emphasize your ability to get the highest possible price
  3.       Give the owner permission to own the price.

Then you review the Market Competition Analysis (CMA) and say,”

“Based on this information, the market is indicating that the Buyers are most likely to pay between $375,000 and $399,000.”

“So, based on the data, I recommend an initial asking price of $389,000.?

“Do you want to take my recommendation or put it on the market for a price higher or lower “than that?”

In the above two scripts, there are 14 underlined phrases. As you learn the entire script, these are key phrases to learn.  Get very comfortable with them. Use them to become an Agent who is much stronger, in control, and more confident with pricing.

The reason that this script works so well is that it is completely built on a simple truth and putting the Client’s priorities first. The simple truth is that the Client controls the price.

Remember Cheryl who lost the listing, after it expired, to an Agent that priced it where Cheryl had recommended? She decided to implement this approach immediately.

The very next week on our coaching call she said, “Rich, I’ve sold Real Estate for over 20 years and this is the first time that I feel confident and in control with pricing. I feel like the monkey is off my back. Thank you.”

Implementing this script is that fast with a profound effect on you.

Pricing is a core skill for Real Estate Agents. When you gain confidence in pricing, you list, sell, and earn more. As importantly, your level of confidence rises in your Listing Presentation and in your entire business. This approach and script accomplish that for you. 


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Comments (1)

Michael J. Perry
KW Elite - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist

Good job on your scripting ! I use a lot of your presentation, definitely placing the accountability of original mispricing .

The positive takeaway from 2 weeks of being overpriced -“ Now you will know that you didn’t give your place away . Because if your initial list price had been correct , buyers would have been beating on your door with checkbooks in hand”

Good Scripting sells out Broadway and wins Oscars in Hollywood 

May 11, 2020 05:49 AM
Rich Levin

Thank Michael, I sincerely appreciate your compliment.

May 11, 2020 01:56 PM