Top 10 Reasons to Use a Public Adjuster

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Property, home, and business owners often find themselves having to deal with unexpected damages and costs. Navigating the world of insurance can induce significant amounts of unanticipated stress and pressure. That’s where public adjusters come in. They work to ensure that policyholders get the most out of their insurance. Here are the top 10 reasons to use a public adjuster.

1. The insurance company’s adjusters are biased.

When a claim is filed, the insurance company will usually send their inhouse employees to check out the damage and write up the cost. However, they often lean toward the more frugal side of giving. An adjuster comes in to defend the individual who hired them against bias by the insurance company.

2. A second opinion never hurts.

When undertaking the process of getting money from insurance, the policyholder often does not know all the ins and outs of different policies [see difference]. In fact, they may not even know all the pros and cons of their specific policy. Getting a second opinion from a professional can help maximize time and money.

3. Public adjusters are trained professionals.


Since it is their daily work, they already know how to produce and submit the opening claim and any additional paperwork that may be required. Claim adjusters are required to have an up to date license, showing that they know the current laws and regulations around the different types of insurance. Typically, individuals can trust that they know what they are doing in producing a claim.

4. Policyholders often don’t catch everything.

While the average Joe might think that he knows the extent of the damage incurred, he is likely to miss certain portions in which he might be able to file for a larger sum. Doing research alone is helpful, but hiring a true professional will guarantee that every aspect is thoroughly checked.

5. They negotiate on behalf of the insured.


They have the ability to go straight to the insurance company to protect the insured. For situations that require great negotiation, having someone who is well-trained can save a policyholder many hours of interminable negotiating with agents.

6. Local costs differ from place to place.


In catastrophic events, insurance companies will often hire out-of-town adjusters to write up claims. However, only those who are local stay fully aware of the precise costs associated with the area. Therefore, getting a hometown opinion can greatly benefit the individual in receiving the amount that damage requires.

7. Filing insurance claims is tedious and time-consuming.


An absurd amount of time is required to complete all the necessary steps. From assessing the damage to writing and submitting the formal claim, each step must be checked and rechecked. Hiring an adjuster can save insured individuals copious amounts of personal time.


8. Insurance companies frequently try to hold back funds.


It is typical for the minimum amount of money to be given to the policyholder when they record damages. However, when public adjusters assist with the filing process, they know how to talk to the insurance company and secure the maximum amount of money. This can result in a much larger sum than what would formerly be received.


9. There is usually no upfront cost.


Oftentimes, they will not ask for any payment for their initial survey of a circumstance. This means they can be contracted to see if additional assistance is necessary at no cost. Then, if one chooses to hire them, they will take only a percentage of the insurance company’s payout, meaning that individuals lose no money out of pocket.


10. Money can be received faster.


Since they know the system, adjusters can typically secure money quickly for the insured party, meaning that there is less waiting around to clean up the damage. These matters are often time-sensitive, so any time saved is beneficial.



While using public adjusters may seem like too much work, it can definitely pay off in the end. Regardless of the situation at hand, any policyholder should consider these points as the top 10 reasons to use a public adjuster. In the end, there is not much to lose when disaster strikes.

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