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Nearly 20 years ago, Ryan J. Orr was signing documents to refinance his home, when the escrow officer asked him why he was wearing a suit. It happened that Ryan was a recent college graduate on his way to a career fair. “Let me get the sales manager,” the escrow officer said. Ryan was hired 30 days later, and he says he has never looked back.

Ryan dedicated himself to learning his craft, and his new career took off. “I knew I could get away with not knowing a lot to start, but I needed to invest in my career and be educated to know as much or more than my clients — or if I didn’t know something, I wanted the resources to know who to turn to. So, I joined chambers of commerce, went back to school and took real estate classes, and got involved with leadership in local professional associations. For me, it became very personal, very quick.”

Taking a cue from his favorite sales trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer, who says that business cards are boring, Ryan created an alter ego called “The Title Guy.” This part mild-mannered businessman, part super-hero persona also had a slogan: “Whether you sell, buy or refi — specify The Title Guy.”

Today, Ryan is the face of “Team Title Guy” at Ticor Title in Ontario, where he serves the West End of San Bernardino County. His inside support is 25-year industry veteran Victoria Rebello, and together, they hold their spot among the top 5-10 percent in the nation. “Victoria is service- and solutions-oriented with a bubbly personality. At the volume we’re running, without her it would be almost impossible to get everything done in a day. Making sure you have the right people in the right seats is imperative to success at a high level. Ideally, in the next year, my goal is to get to the top 2 percent in the nation.”


Helping Others Succeed

Ultimately, it all comes down to service. “When someone calls, they will get a response in minutes. If I’m in a meeting, my phone forwards to Victoria, and she will respond. It’s important to me that when somebody calls, somebody answers. I never take for granted that good relationships are based on communication. If we don’t know what you want and when you need it, we can’t exceed your expectations. And we are relentless with follow-up. When there is a challenge, we typically get things worked out. We know how to find creative solutions to get the file closed while safeguarding the parties.”

Ryan’s peers have the highest praise for him and his team. One summed up: “Since meeting and starting to work with Ryan, I have had nothing but great service. I have not opened a title order with any other title rep for about 8 years now. There just is no reason. Ryan is always available and treats me like his only client. I highly recommend using Ryan for all title orders. He is a great connection to other services, as well, and makes himself a valuable resource. Give him a try and you won’t have to worry about title anymore.”

Ryan’s priorities in life are faith, family and business, and his values are reflected in the way he serves both clients and community. He is a founder of the West End Real Estate Professionals (WEREP), a group that meets

weekly to elevate the real estate profession. Inspired by the 9-11 tragedy, Ryan also founded Operation Community Cares, a nonprofit organization that sends thousands of care packages each year to deployed service people.

“In 2012, I unexpectedly lost my father and it was a huge reminder as to how precious life and time truly is. As a result, I run my business by design. I live, work, eat, sleep and breath the community we live in,” Ryan says, “and I’m extremely involved in my kids’ lives. After losing my father, the concept of legacy rang through my mind allowing him to live on and how others would view me. I love the quote that people won’t always remember what you did, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. So I make it my goal to do my best in every situation, and hope that others can say this about their interactions with me. My mission is to help others succeed, and in turn, I am hoping we can grow our businesses together!”

Ryan J. Orr –

Vice President

Ticor Title
4120 Concours, Suite 400 Ontario, CA 91764

Tel: 909-767-0718
Email: ryanjorr7@gmail.com

Web: www.TeamTitleGuy.com

Ryan says he aims to be a strategic partner for his clients, with a focus on education. “A big part is simply listening to a client and their goals, and then applying the right tools. I keep my finger on the pulse of what tools we have and how to leverage them. Most companies don’t take time to train people on their tools. We do a lot of training webinars, and I lead small groups in our Ontario office 8 to 10 times a year. We also host Meetings with Masters at Red Hill Country Club where we invite attorneys, as well, who are tied to the title and compliance market. I can also take training directly to a real estate office to train agents.”

Written by H. K. Wilson

As a Vice President for Ticor Title, I have been in the industry since 2002 & I have seen the best, & worst of markets. If have found it be imperative to lock in on our industry needs to be a true asset for our clients in varying capacities. Gone are the days of being able to be an order taker, or solely an entertainer! In our industry pricing and product does not separate us much, however, it is truly about a few key points, knowledge, professionalism, & sustainability!  It is imperative that we set ourselves apart, and that is what my team & I do.
Client First… 
Do what you say, and say what you do.
I have learned through the years that almost every file is unique, and that our transactions do not close in a vacuum. Having a solid team has been imperative to our continued success!

We are where our clients are, and focus on adding value to each and every transaction! We believe in getting involved in our professional associations and communities.  We add to extensive knowledge and resourcefulness to our X factor. At the end of the day, we are truly competing with ourselves

We believe that we can provide our clients insight & value that help us both win. We do this by saving time, money & closing more transactions. We believe that we are the best in the biz, we are an asset to all that work with and will in the future!

We are your resource for all things real estate related! NO QUESTION is too big or small!

Another key for us is training and education! Please know that we have monthly scheduled trainings, and we can do one on one, small group, and in-office training classes! Ask for a list of classes we can do for you and your team!

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Ticor Title

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