How To Prevent Squirrels From Destroying Your Backyard

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Bird watching can be both fun and relaxing to the mind. One can enjoy this hobby in their yard without the need for special equipment or travel to an exotic destination. All you require is the right bird food and some patience as you wait for the local birds to warm up to the food. However, most bird watching hobbyists are confronted with the need to keep squirrels away while trying to lure birds in their yards. Below, is a look at how one can achieve this:


Use of squirrel-proof feeding equipment

One of the best ways through which bird lovers can keep squirrels away from their home is by investing in squirrel-proof feeding equipment.

•Use of a proper pole: Squirrels can easily climb on wooden and metal poles and not on those built of copper or PVC. Homeowners can keep away squirrels by using PVC or copper materials to build bird feeding stations.

•Suspend bird feeders on a wire: One can also keep squirrels away from the bird feeders by suspending them using a wire between two poles. String a plastic bottle on both sides of the feeders to help deter the squirrel from reaching the birds’ food.

•Invest in cage-design bird feeders: Cage-design feeders are best suited for small birds, including chickadees and finches. Cage feeders also help protect small birds from being bullied by other big-bodied birds.


Identify food sources and eliminate them

Water and food are the biggest attractions for squirrels. Squirrels love nuts, fruits, vegetables, birdbaths, bird feeders, and other seeds. One should ensure to collect pet dishes after their cats and dogs are through with meals since these can also attract squirrels. If squirrels are feeding on nuts or fruits which are still on a tree, one can cover it using a netting. This can help discourage them from visiting your backyard.


Stop squirrels from raiding bird feeders

Bird feeders can attract tree squirrels. This problem can be solved by installing special bird feeders and squirrel baffles that make it hard for squirrels to reach the food. One of these squirrel baffles is made to stop dispensing food when a heavy animal or bird stops to eat. A squirrel baffle can be attached to the feeding pole to help prevent a squirrel from accessing bird food. One of these squirrel baffles can be made of PVC or copper, which are known to make it hard for squirrels to climb.


Filling the bird feeders with safflower seeds instead of sunflower seeds. Squirrels do not eat safflower seeds, while most birds love them. One can also keep squirrels away from their backyard by spicing up bird food with dried cayenne pepper. Unlike squirrels, birds do not taste the heat of the pepper. Mixing a pinch of pepper can help keep squirrels away. However, one should use the method with caution since pepper can be irritating to the eyes of a bird.


Squirrels can take over a yard and turn a homeowner’s bird watching experience into a nightmare. One can avoid this by investing in the right bird feeding equipment and eliminating predator food sources to help keep their yard squirrel-free.


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