Why should I get a Pre-sale Inspection?

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I know most people don't see the need for a pre-sale inspection.  In my opinion though it can possibly save the seller time and money.  Most people think they know their home and are reluctant to have it inspected before putting it up for sale and consider it to be a waste of money.  But there are many problems a seller may overlook just because they're used to the home.  Once a buyer brings in a home inspector often times there are things that come up that either delay the sale, lose the seller money or even lose the sale.  That's where a pre-sale inspection comes in handy.  The benefits include:

  • Fixing problems on your terms, without the input of the buyer
  • Quicker negotiations
  • Selling the home for top dollar
  • The comfort of knowing a buyers inspection won't uncover any surprises

This is something I think all sellers should keep in mind with when putting their home up.  The price (which is lower than a buyers inspection) is worth the peace of mind and ease of negotiations.  It can give a little more power to the seller, instead of being at the whim of the buyer.

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Joe Virnig
RE/MAX Gold Coast REALTORS, Ventura County, California - Ventura, CA
No Ordinary Joe

Fixing problems on your own terms can save thousands.  Buyers alway want the cadilac fixes.

Jun 13, 2008 02:39 PM