Emerging SEO Trends 2020 You Need to Know

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In The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, things are constantly changing - businesses have to keep up to stay successful. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing have set specific requirements that websites must meet to stay ahead of the competition. As such, SEO strategy is critical to the success of your business.

Most businesses find SEO issues complicated and are unable to stay up to date with the changes. However, with professional help from SEO Brisbane Company, your website can still emerge a winner in SEO.

Below are some of the emerging SEO trends you need to know in 2020.

1.Website Security
Although user safety does not seem related to SEO, it is essential to improve a website’s user experience. If a user feels insecure visiting a site, then they will most likely leave the page quickly. As a consequence, the page will drop in its organic search listing due to the increased bounce rate.

To guarantee safe browsing for your users, ensure that you enable HTTPS protocol for your website. HTTPS is both authenticated and encrypted ensuring that interaction between your website and your users is safe from intruders.

It is very important to Google that users feel safe while browsing the internet. That’s why those that employ HTTPS will have a win in SEO.

2.High-Quality Content on Websites
Content has and always will be at the heart of SEO. From site structure, keywords, link building - everything revolves around content.

In 2020, websites are expected to publish high-quality content more than ever before. The content needs to be both valuable and relevant to the user. This means that websites need to hire professional writers if they can't write high-quality content by themselves.

User experience is very important to Google. Focus on having the best content on the internet for your niche to gain a competitive edge. Get to know and understand your audience, understand their searching behavior, and their problems for you to deliver through content. Ensure that you are continually working to improve your website’s user experience through your content.

3.Content Quantity
Apart from high-quality content, websites should also be looking at the length of their content. There is a belief that users want to read very short and clear information. On the contrary, research shows that pages that publish articles of 2000 words and above get more traffic than those with shorter articles. It's not about the word count, it’s about the user finding all the answers they need on one page. Besides, Google will more likely reward a page if a user spends more time on it.

Ensure that you publish content that addresses all the issues a user may have even those that they are not aware of.

4.Website Optimization For Voice Searches
To the majority, voice search is faster and helps improve productivity. While this is true, voice search is a lot more than that.

Voice search means that the internet is accessible to almost everyone who wants access. If you are blind or can't type for whatever reason, you can still browse the internet using voice search. Also, not everyone can read and write. The illiterate can search the internet too, thanks to the voice search.

In 2020 It is expected that 50 percent or more of all searches will be voice searches. Businesses will have to optimize their websites to accommodate long-tail voice searches to remain competitive.

Featured Snippets
Featured snippets are search results that are usually displayed on top of Google’s organic search results (SERPs). They are designed to answer the user questions before they can visit your website. The content found in featured snippets is usually generated from sites in Google’s index. Types of featured snippets include tables, lists, steps, and definitions.

Featured snippets affect SEO in two ways:
One, featured snippets increase your chances of getting clicks from the organic search results. Secondly, featured snippets also affect the number of “ no-click searches”. No-click searches mean that the Google user did not click on any search result because they found what they were looking for on the snippet.

The use of featured snippets has drastically changed the way SEO experts target keywords. As such, you are expected to research keywords that are relevant to your topic and can trigger featured results in the Search Engine Result Pages. You should also come up with new information to create content that can respond to the long-tail questions. Fortunately, JoelHouse Adwords is there to ensure that you stay on top of things in 2020.

6.Optimization of Video Content
With the increased use of mobile devices, video content has also become increasingly important. According to Google six out of ten people prefer to watch online videos rather than television. The millennials especially are the greatest consumers of online content. They use it for entertainment, academic purposes, or both. For this reason, websites need to implement the use of videos to stay ahead of the competition.

In 2020 it is expected that consumption of video content will exceed 85 percent. This makes video SEO one of the most important trends this year. To stay ahead you have to invest in the production of quality videos and add those videos to the existing pages that are doing well for them to do better. Additionally, you have to use relevant keywords for the headline and description of your video. This will ensure that the video reaches the people who are interested in its content.


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