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Michael O Custom Builders, Wylie Custom Homes, Rossi Custom Homes and other GriffCustom built home in Griffin Parcin Parc builders are putting some of their homes in the MLS, so that's helping with the comps and to balance out some of the foreclosures in the area`- which is great news for you!

The statistics on what's recently been sold in Griffin Parc on average looks like this:

  # BRSqFtYr BltCDOMList PriceSP %LPSale Price









So, what does that mean? It means, on average, home sellers in Griffin Parc are selling 4 bedroom homes with 3,418 sq. ft. built in 2005. The number of cumulative days on market the homes are spending is 141. Now, if you throw out the quickest sale which was 7 days and the slowest sale which was 431 days, (throw out the low and high which can skew the numbers a bit), then it'll clean it up to 131 days on market. The average listing price is $334,559 and the percentage of sales price to list price that sellers are asking for and receive is 94% which puts the average sales price at $312,856.

In North Texas, 79 days is the average time it takes to sell a preowned house. That compares to more than 100 days on the market to sell in most large U.S. cities. A new report by analysts at Altos Research and Real IQ finds that the Dallas area has one of the fastest home sales times in the country. In just Dallas alone, they estimate the average sales time is 85 days. Of course, these are just averages, but they give you an idea of what's going on in the market.

The new FHA loan limit was recently raised up to $271,050 which will help bring in a bigger buyer pool for your homes. Even while buyers are now starting to drop off the proverbial fence sitting in buying homes and the market is starting to shift, they are able to get qualified for a loan which is a welcome relief. The buyer pool in the $350+ market has not been nearly as affected by the sub-prime market fall-out.
Here are some homes that have just sold in Griffin Parc:

Recently sold home in Griffin Parc mid $300'sGriffin Parc recently sold home Frisco, TX Griffin Parc just sold home


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Carole Lhuillier
Keller Williams Realty SunCoast - Saint Pete Beach, FL
Our Home Team SunCoast

Lovely, lovely homes.  For DOM an average of 79 is quite good.  Ours in metro Atlanta was at about 90 but now is somewhat higher, a little over 100.

Good luck to you,

Love Dallas and surrounding area.  I have family out there.

Carole Lhuillier

Aug 19, 2008 03:04 AM