The Gestation of Statistics

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Every day, the world opens a tad bigger for all of us . . .

as we venture beyond the confines of our abodes.

It seems that every conversation reveals more freedom, and there’s more “pep in the steps” for those who’ve just had their first post-quarantine restaurant dine in experience (I had mine last Thursday).

The “experts” continue to be very skeptical about the rate at which “re-opening of the economy” and are cautioning all of us to be less eager. The fear is that we will get sloppy with our social distancing, and there’ll be a resultant flare-up of new cases of COVID-19 infections.

The New York Times published an article this morning reminding us to remember the timeline of the “average” case of COVID-19. If there is to be a spike in affected people, it will not show up in the statistics until 3-6 weeks from now. We are kids being freed from our “grounding” . . . and the experts may have just cause for concern, but the barn door is open now, so . . .

We Realtors “get this” lag from action to ramification because most real estate transactions happen to have a similar gestation period. The work we are doing now will bear fruit (commissions paid) in 30 to 90 days or longer. The monthly statistics only reflect what happened in the past.

So . . . enjoy the extra freedom with appropriate caution and practice”safe protocol”, and I think we’ll heal progressively until we settle into whatever this “new normal” will be.

Be Well!


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