How to Make Your House Safe for Seniors

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As a person grows older, certain things must be taken into consideration, like mobility issues or problems with sight among other things. All of these issues could make a home dangerous unless some of the following changes are made to your house.

Deal With Fall Hazards

Fall hazards have to be dealt with. An elderly person's balance may not be what it used to be, and that could make it easier for them to fall. On top of that, some people of a certain age could get hurt easily, which could end up making falls much more dangerous. You want to remove cords, clutter, carpets, and anything else you can trip on. You'll also want to fix uneven floors, which could also be a fall hazard.

Getting a Fall Detector

Okay, so you've done everything possible to remove fall hazards from the house to make it safer for a senior, but that doesn't mean a fall can't happen. This is a constant danger that disturbs everyone's peace. What you want to consider is installing a system that'll make everyone feel a little better about a senior living at home alone. Yes, detecting a fall is possible if systems are connected to emergency personnel who can dispatch help to a senior should a fall occur.

Address All Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are another thing you have to worry about since seniors have a hard time remembering things. There's a lot of things you can do to keep a senior's home as safe from fires as possible, like removing candles from a home. You could also replace regular gas stoves with electric stoves, which should reduce the chances of fires starting. It might also be a good idea to ensure that this is a smart stove that can remind a senior that it's still on. You should also consider installing smart smoke detectors that could warn a senior and others of a potential problem.

Rethinking Everything in the Bathroom

Everything in the bathroom has to be changed depending on what the senior needs. For example, it might be a good idea to install shower chairs to make it easier for a senior to take a shower without slipping. A good shower anti-slip mat might also be a good idea. Those who can should consider replacing the tub-based shower with a walk-in shower to make it easier for seniors to walk in and out. Handlebars inside the shower and besides the toilet are also good ideas. Some seniors have a hard time sitting and standing, so be sure to consider installing a new toilet that is considerably higher than the one you have now.

Automatic Lighting is a Smart Choice

Seniors sometimes have a hard time seeing. This could be a problem at night, especially when they have to look for light switches on their way to the restroom or the kitchen. A lot of seniors trip looking for the light switch, which is the reason this should be a priority. It's wise to install smart lights or automatic lights that use sensors to turn on whenever there is movement. This should make it easier for seniors to walk around at night without worrying about anything.

Figure Out the Stair Situation

If a senior has to go upstairs, then you need to figure out how you'll make that safer and easier. Stairs could be challenging for seniors dealing with mobility issues due to ailments like arthritis or Parkinson's, just to name a few. Some seniors will do better if you simply install a restroom downstairs and make a bedroom on the first floor as well. Now, if you don't want to do that or simply don't have the funds, then consider installing a stairlift. This device does need to be installed correctly, but it makes going up and down the stairs much safer for seniors.

These are just some things you can do to make a house safe for seniors, but you can talk to a senior care specialist to see if he or she could give you some additional advice. Adjusting a home for a senior may be time-consuming but can make it safer, and that's a worthwhile goal.

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