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Inboundrem's Sierra Interactive review


I wrote a detailed review comparing Sierra Interactive with Commissions Inc. my own company InboundREM, KvCore and if you really dig for it Real Estate Webmasters and Bold Leads. You can find that review at the following website address.


My thoughts on Sierra Interactive as an SEO platform. 


As usual, I saved a little something JUST for all of you here on Active Rain. The little something, in this case, is my thoughts on Sierra Interactive as a Real Estate SEO platform. Now there are other reviews here on Active Rain that can talk in detail about transitioning over to Sierra Interactive. Joe Manausa *cough* *cough*. 


But what you can't get is the deep analytical dive I took when I did this review. I was SUPREMELY curious about how the user behavior of a Sierra Interactive website held up against a content driven real estate website. 


In short pretty good. First a couple of sentences worth of background information. I strongly believe that over the last couple of years Google has allowed it's AI rank brain to control more and more of the algorithm(search results). This AI can measure in close to "real-time" how long people are staying on websites and how many pages they visit. It can measure a ton of data very quickly leading me to say the following. 




How engaging is your website? How often do people come back and visit it? 


The answer with Sierra Interactive is "pretty often". But Sierra Interactive has a subpar content management system. All of this engagement is driven by a fast easy to use search feature. So if you throw a couple of paragraphs on top of a search page and drive a link or two to it and wait for 12 months you have a damn fine chance of ranking for the neighborhood or area you are focused on. 


The client who's website I was looking at ranked VERY well (Here is that site - for most of the buildings he targeted in Florida. 


Closing thoughts on Sierra Interactive as a lead generator


If you are determined or hire an outside vendor (Like InboundREM) and that vendor or you can leverage the limited content management system to it's max capabilities then you could perhaps drive the high quality leads SEO is supposed to be able to deliver. 


As it stands the client that hired me did so because while he RANKED and got LEADS they were all low quality contacts that rarely if ever responded no matter what he did. 


This is ultimately my main con about ALL search based sites. Search has become a commodity inside of real estate. You can get a GREAT search experience in a number of places. Like Trulia. Zillow. If that is 100% of what you are relying upon (and not great content especially great video content) then the results you get even from SEO which 100% drives the highest quality intent-based traffic you can find anywhere will be sub par. 


I'll answer any questions in the comments. Check out the review if you want a deep dive. I did an hour-long video analyzing the Sierra Interactive website feature by feature.



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