What is Chalk Paint? Everything You Need to Know About Chalk Paint

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Are you planning to refurbish your old furniture and refinish the wall with charming decoration? You might have come across some DIY painting tutorials on decorative paint called Chalk Paint, which is taking over the internet for its incredible popularity. Rustic, shabby-chic, old-school or vintage whatever style you may prefer for your home decor; the smooth, soft and ultra-matte finish of chalk paint colors can bring a gorgeous charm to your wall and old furniture. Before you grab a brush to paint a wall, dresser or chair, know what chalk paint is and how it is different from traditional paints in several other ways.

What is chalk paint?

There are many brands of chalk paint that are found in the market, but it is originally created by a famous paint brand called Annie Sloan, the registered official trademark of the company. There are few professional skating services in Delhi that offer amazing services with original products. Whatever the surface is made of, wood, plastic, or laminate; not sure if it’s a lacquer, stain, shellac, or polyurethane, chalk paint colors cover it all to create a beautiful, distressed and flat finish by adding a chalky appearance and feel to the surfaces.

How it differs from other paints?

Chalk paint colors are different than traditional paint for its unique qualities which does not require any time-consuming prep work such as sanding, stripping or priming. It is itself a latex-based paint and gives a smooth finish on clean, dry surfaces (except for metal or shiny laminate) and also can be cleaned easily by simple soap and water instead of mineral spirits like other paints. Chalk paint is more consistent, thicker than other paints, so apparently easy to work without dripping it off. Any surfaces with cracks or furniture with intricate design can be covered up with chalk paint and easy to distress on top layers with sandpaper, unlike traditional paint. Any mistakes in a finished product with visible brush strokes make it look rather natural and bring gently aged appearance on furniture. It can be used by brush or can be sprayed which dries pretty fast.

How to use chalk paint?

Turn your old furniture into a standout piece, or give a dining table old-school charm with patience and following these simple steps of chalk paint.
- For a smooth appearance, clean the surface soap and warm water to scrub off old dust and dirt from the furniture. Let it dry for a couple of days for a clean surface and the paint will adhere.
- Use a double coat instead of one in case of ultra-smooth, professional finish without leaving any visible brushstrokes.
- Two layers can be used of two different solid colors as base and top. Use a dry brush for another layer once the base color is completely dried off.
- Chalk paint colors can be durable and look beautiful for several years if the top layer is sealed with wax or a polyurethane coat.
- Re-wax can be done a few times in a year to keep color consistent to prevent chipping on regularly used items, like, tabletop.

Cost and place to buy chalk paint

Chalk paint color costs comparatively higher than basic latex-based paint, but it provides both beauty and durability of the finished product. To invest money into chalk paint, well-known brands like nobroker.in for genuine products and services to get your wall painting done.

Chalk paint is a simple process but requires plenty of time and patience. So, hiring professional painting services in Delhisuch as nobroker.in to add character and vintage charm to your home is a better idea. From minimalist to bohemian, vintage-inspired feel or antique-era look, chalk paint really gets into all sorts of groove in furniture or wall, by creating some of the best-finished products.

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