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There is no better and easier way to maintain and regain health than regularly jumping and swinging on a trampoline. With this exercise, the body push against the earth's gravitational pull, and this has long-term positive effects on all structures in the body. And that right down to every single cell. You should visit the site to find out more about the best trampolines that are relevant and used today. 

So what happens when you experience the gravity that indirectly affects your body during exercise, like swinging and jumping on a trampoline?  Your whole body, every structure down to every single cell becomes stronger and more resistant. Even slight swinging has this strengthening effect. Therefore, this form of movement is suitable even for cardiovascular sufferers and especially for the elderly. Anyone who does 20 to 30 minute exercises on the trampoline early on will never get knee osteoarthritis, let alone osteoporosis! Unless he has the heaviest X- or O-legs and or other axial deviations or drinks a liter of cola every day ... That's why the trampoline is the best remedy for prevention and treatment of such diseases.

Here are 8 good reasons why you should exercise regularly on a medical trampoline


# 1 They effectively prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

If you have osteoarthritis and/or osteoporosis at the starting stage, then you should swing on a medical trampoline! It is designed in such a way that it neither over nor under-loads the structures. Ultimately, it results in the pain-relieving effect for back, knee or foot pain. Various experiments clearly show that trampolining is much healthier for the musculoskeletal system than jogging! If you are a beginner, increase your workload from three minutes a day to 30 minutes a day and you can experience a miracle!


# 2 They promote your lymphatic system and your body's detoxification

Detoxification of the body becomes one of the essential survival strategies of today. Environmental toxins pollute our bodies. According to some studies, the fertilizer can cause cancer and these substances are detected in urine of over 80% of the public.

Swinging and jumping on the trampoline regularly, your tissue is squeezed out like a sponge the moment you swing into the mat. In the phase of weightlessness, your tissue is saturated with fresh cell fluid. This sponge effect causes a robust exchange of substances, especially in the context of the detoxification of your body cells. Jumping trampoline detoxifies like no other sport! As always, prevention is the best alternative. So hop on now!

# 3 You stay young and pain-free because your connective tissue is regularly freed from acids

The sponge effect of trampoline training has another special effect: metabolic waste products that remain in the tissue over time are removed by constant pressing and relieving.

People diagnosed with fibromyalgia (a chronic illness that hurts the whole body) are suspected of storing too much acid in their body. That is why experts especially recommend these patients to swing on a trampoline every day to squeeze out the acids and to supply the tissue with more oxygen. This can reduce pain in the long term. Swinging gently on a medical trampoline is often the only way for these patients to move without pain and with pleasure.

For everyone else who simply wants to stay free of pain and young:  the trampoline is the rejuvenation machine par excellence!

# 4 You burn 3 times more calories than jogging

Trampoline training is the ultimate calorie killer. Even with a slight swing, it increases endurance and coordination and, according to the NASA study from 1980, is three times more effective than jogging. A greater increase in endurance performance was measured in bouncing test subjects than in a running control group - in individual cases by up to 68 percent! Ten minutes of training - measured by body acceleration, oxygen intake and heart rate - work like 30 minutes of jogging!

# 5 You train your feet and thereby maintain your upright posture

Who doesn't want to be able to move upright and elegantly into old age? How does it work? With barefoot training!

A trampoline is used to train barefoot, which is the most appropriate for the movement system overall. In terms of overall statics, the foot has the most significant impact in the long run. No shoe in the world can give you what a healthy foot can give you! Those who have strong, flexible feet stay upright. Feet can be optimally trained on the trampoline.

Sensory stimuli are passed on from the bare sole of the foot directly to the brain without a thick irritant sole in between. The risk of falling in old age is reduced to a minimum and you have far fewer problems with painful feet.

# 6 Your organs and your digestion benefit

Another effect of trampoline training: all organs, all cells are supplied with more than 50% more oxygen by swinging. Trampolining gymnastics is even used for eye diseases and visual complaints because it was found that those who regularly performed gymnastics on the trampoline regained better vision.

Besides, as you can well imagine, digestion is effectively promoted by swinging. Trampoline swing works like a gentle abdominal massage!

# 7 Your brain stays fit and you prevent dementia

Trampoline gymnastics is also used in brain training because of the varied positioning reflexes of the musculoskeletal system during training and the resulting eye movements stimulate brain functions. It also significantly improves overall coordination, which in turn, is good for the brain. If you are clever and want to stay, train on a trampoline!

I personally remain with my great conviction for a lifetime: the trampoline is the healthiest exercise tool in the world!







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