The Black Magicians Of The Media

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EVERYTHING is about ALIGNMENT. An energetic 'frequency' we all have, tuned in to 'one thing or another'.


If you want something, and you are not ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED with the joy and success of that goal IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, you will AT VERY LEAST delay your progress, and you might even prevent it.


So here we all are, watching and listening to the media, and that includes SOCIAL MEDIA, and that EVEN INCLUDES reading THIS. 


When the media 'tells you' to be afraid . . . even if they are just parroting something they were TOLD TO TELL YOU (did you know that 90% of the mainstream media and entertainment are owned by just 6 CORPORATIONS?)  . . .


  • Comcast -- major holdings include NBC (including CNBC and MSNBC), Universal Pictures, many smaller cable channels (including The Weather Channel, USA, Bravo and E!)
  • Disney – ABC, ESPN, Pixar, A&E, Lifetime and Marvel Studios
  • News Corporation – Fox (News, Sports and 20th Century), The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, FX, Barron’s, HarperCollins publishing
  • Time Warner – CNN, Time Magazine, Warner Bros, HBO, Cinemax, the CW, TBS, TNT
  • CBS Corporation– CBS, Simon and Schuster
  • ViacomComcast– MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Pictures


They are casting a dark spell on you. They are enticing you to fear the future. A 'future' that in the present moment, DOES NOT EXIST.


In doing so, you are knocked off balance. Your energetic alignment, your connection to Divinity is blocked.

This will manifest in all sorts of ways. Not the least of which is . . .


poor health and a compromised immune system.




So do me a damn favor, people. 


Breathe. Know that a higher power than 6 MF corporations, a power that you can tap into and receive peace, joy and HEALTH from, has your back and you can smile, relax and absorb those positive energies AT ANY TIME you wish.


IN THE MOMENT . . . find a reason to be grateful. Can you see this? You have your eyesight. Use ALL your senses. Can you smell a flower? Touch a loved one or a pet, or feel a warm bath? Taste your morning coffee? Get back to basics. Turn OFF the TV and put on music, or enjoy the bliss of silence. 


You don't need to be the victim of black magic. 


Without your energy to feed off of . . . it will starve to death.



Once I jumped through hoops of fire
High and far as you required
I was blind but now I see
Salvation has discovered me

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Sam Shueh
(408) 425-1601 - San Jose, CA
mba, cdpe, reopro, pe

My iphone displays all the events that is of interest. My wife says lets find out the weather for tommorow.  I said I already told you a few hours ago.  Now I want to hear the official verdict which is what you said.

May 24, 2020 10:36 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

It's like an appraisal . . . only good for the moment it was signed!

May 24, 2020 03:29 PM
Ron and Alexandra Seigel
Napa Consultants - Carpinteria, CA
Luxury Real Estate Branding, Marketing & Strategy


I am so glad that Kathy Streib chose this post as one of her Sunday specials. At last we have restaurants open with rules, and it is so good to see people out.  And you can feel the good vibes in the air at large...What amazes is how many of the fearing ones are the younger set.  They have already been scarred with fear...Happy Sunday,  A

May 24, 2020 10:55 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

One of my clients was out with a group in SD last night, huge drama  . . . one of the group forgot to put on her mask to go to the bathroom and they ALL got kicked out of the restaurant. LOL but they have to enforce.

Here, a MILE LONG car line to get into one of the riverfront campgrounds . . . and Lake Havasu was packed with patriots and partiers. Delightful (even though I'm home shining up my spa)! 

May 24, 2020 03:34 PM
Kathy Streib
Room Service Home Staging - Delray Beach, FL
Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224

Anna Banana Kruchten Arizona's Top Banana! one of the reasons we went out was to support the restaurants. We've been doing some take out but we wanted to say "welcome back" to them as well. 

May 24, 2020 06:02 PM
Candice A. Donofrio

We're all supporting ALL our (esp local) businesses! They have a hard road ahead . . .

May 25, 2020 09:31 AM
Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can!
Red Rock Real Estate - St. George, UT
So Utah Residential, Referral & Relocation REALTOR

Very interesting to know about those corporate media giants Candice...Trust but verify is never overrated when it comes to the media, especially when living in the National Enquirer-esque of times. There are those out there who think everyone else needs to keep them safe by wearing a mask at all times. People, come on, whatever happened to personal responsibility?!

May 25, 2020 08:23 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

RIP. Cause of death: 'safe space' 'safety pin' 'triggered' 'butthurt' 'terrified' and 'nanny-needing' generation of  weenies that don't know what gender they are or if they are even human . . . and think everything is an entitlement. 

May 25, 2020 09:32 AM
Jeff Dowler, CRS
eXp Realty of California, Inc. - Carlsbad, CA
The Southern California Relocation Dude

I missed your post but fortunately Kathy featured it for us all to read. So much wisdom here, with so much more about life, and gratitude, to focus on instead of the media.

May 25, 2020 08:33 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

My days in the media, you did not opine unless it was an op-ed. You also succeeded according to how often you got fired which meant you had creativity and independent thought. LOL

May 25, 2020 09:33 AM
Lyn Sims
RE/MAX Suburban - Schaumburg, IL
Schaumburg Real Estate

Not soon enough for me. Me thinks it is Godzilla & cannot be slayed.

May 25, 2020 02:08 PM
Candice A. Donofrio

I am hoping a day will come that the media will be accountable for the lies!

May 25, 2020 02:37 PM
Lise Howe
Keller Williams Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Assoc. Broker in DC, MD, VA and attorney in DC

I like knowing what is going on - but I can't stand hearing all the predictions of gloom and doom - ugh! 

May 26, 2020 04:21 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

It's nonsense!

May 29, 2020 03:23 PM
Thomas J. Nelson, REALTOR ® e-Pro CRS RCS-D Vets
Big Block Realty 858.232.8722 - La Jolla, CA
& Host of Postcards From Success Podcast

They never stood a chance with me; I don't watch the news and I ...

                                 Don't Believe The Hype

May 26, 2020 06:27 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

Me either! 

May 29, 2020 03:23 PM
Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
RE/MAX Realty Center - Waukesha, WI
Giving Back With Each Home Sold!

Great post!  I can see why Kathy chose to  highlight it this week!

May 26, 2020 06:43 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

Ahhh, she's nice to me! :D

May 29, 2020 03:23 PM
Beth Atalay
Cam Realty and Property Management - Clermont, FL
Cam Realty of Clermont FL

Such great post Candice A. Donofrio. Sadly, many live their lives based on what they hear and read from the media.

May 26, 2020 10:40 AM
Candice A. Donofrio

I spent years as that media . . . so I can't be fooled by them often.

May 29, 2020 03:22 PM
Kris Collis, Associate Broker
Smart Way America Realty - East Stroudsburg, PA
Professional Results you Expect 570-801-5525

Candice, an important post and a brave one, cuts to the heart of the matter.  Fear porn paralyzes the soul.  No TV here, no main stream media playing.  What a difference not to clog up heart and mind.  

People are asking, why do the media conglomerates focus on doom and gloom (and evade professionalism journalism) that doesn't represent the human spirit which can align any moment with love and the beauty of life.

May 26, 2020 12:28 PM
Candice A. Donofrio

IDK about brave - I'm just sick of people being weenies bc of what they are spoonfed by the media, bringing the rest of us down.

Crankier than brave . . . LOL

May 29, 2020 03:22 PM
Gene Mundt, IL/WI Mortgage Originator - FHA/VA/Conv/Jumbo/Portfolio/Refi
NMLS #216987, IL Lic. 031.0006220, WI Licensed. APMC NMLS #175656 - New Lenox, IL
708.921.6331 - 40+ yrs experience

I sometimes think that it's not so much what I'm hearing, but the frequency with which I'm hearing it Candice A. Donofrio ... just try to find an article on Twitter regarding real estate/lending without first having to wade through handfuls of political/news posts first.  And that in groups that are real estate-based!

The news can begin to feel like battering  ... whether it's pro or con to my impressions or beliefs ...

Keep telling it, Candice!


May 27, 2020 12:42 PM
Candice A. Donofrio

I have virtually no use for Twitter!

May 29, 2020 03:17 PM
Marte Cliff
Marte Cliff Copywriting - Priest River, ID
Your real estate writer

Oh I do love your outlook on life!

Fear is horrible - and crippling. I feel very fortunate to live where there have only been 4 cases in our entire 1,900 square mile county - and those were early on. And yet... I see a few people wearing masks. Why?

And why on earth do people wear masks go go biking, jogging, driving, and walking all alone? I think that's insane, but perhaps they fear being arrested for non-compliance with "the rules."

I have had no use for the news media for at least the past decade, so nothing new there. It's not news. It's merely their opiions.

May 27, 2020 08:54 PM
Candice A. Donofrio

It's one thing to watch the news for entertainment . . . but falling into the fear porn cult trap is dangerous . . . 

May 29, 2020 03:17 PM
Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP
Selling Homes Changing Lives

What an excellent essay Candice A. Donofrio! The only thing I don't understand is why didn't the magicians behind the scenes on ActiveRain feature this one for you? More people need to read this outstanding work of truth.

The Media is evil! Propaganda! Lies and deception! To quote Thomas Paine, "Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits itself to whatever is dictated to it." 

Enough is enough. The abuse of Fake News is out of control. People are not sheep or pawns to be used for political gain. As for those so called late night talk show hosts, I'm sure Johnny Carson is rolling in his grave. Day after day. Night after night viewers across the nation are letting those liars and thieves into their living room. They do not report the facts. They give us their opinions and make sarcastic comments on whoever opposes their views. I wish I could spit in their eye! 

I absolute love this blog post. It's education at its best!!! Way to go Candice!!!

May 29, 2020 02:25 PM
Candice A. Donofrio

LOL, did you see today CNN reporters got arrested during the Minneapolis riots? For not leaving when asked. LOL

May 29, 2020 03:16 PM
Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Candice A. Donofrio - Yes! That was the only time I laughed and couldn't stop laughing!!! 


May 30, 2020 10:49 AM
Tammy Lankford,

eh, likely they consider it politcal.  

Jul 20, 2020 01:26 PM
Kris Collis, Associate Broker
Smart Way America Realty - East Stroudsburg, PA
Professional Results you Expect 570-801-5525

Candice A. Donofrio You will lovehate this on Linkedin originally posted by Flavio Souza, "This is what is looks like when 5 corporations own 90% of the media." 

It's video of 27 newscasters reading the same daily script.

May 31, 2020 08:30 PM
Candice A. Donofrio
I've seen it. And if you want to see something intense and very disturbing, a Hollywood stuntman
did a documentary called Out of Shadows.
The media and those corporations that own and run entertainment are extremely sinister.
May 31, 2020 09:20 PM
Lyn Sims
RE/MAX Suburban - Schaumburg, IL
Schaumburg Real Estate

Can't happen soon enought that they shutup & just go away. This pandemic just proves that they parrot the same information 24/7. 

Jun 06, 2020 07:06 AM
Endre Barath, Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Beverly Hills, CA
Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002

Just stumbled on this great post and must admit it LOVE it, Endre

Jun 30, 2020 10:05 PM
Endre Barath, Jr.

Thank you!

Jul 01, 2020 06:39 AM
Tammy Lankford,
Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668 - Eatonton, GA
Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville

you and my apple watch telling me to breathe.  But fortunately for me and my family I never ever take news (mainstream or not) at face value and repeat it without some form of research to dig for the truth.  

I'm a God fearing, gun toating, red blooded American who values my liberties and won't tolerate them being trampled on. I'm also wise enough to be reading studies on COVID19 treatments in and out of America for trials and I KNOW what medical treatment I would demand and find a doctor to administer if I or a family member got it.  I know where a doctor in the US is using it with success is located if I had to travel if a local doctor wouldn't call. 


Jul 20, 2020 01:26 PM
John Juarez
The Medford Real Estate Team - Fremont, CA

I get notifications on my phone constantly. Sports, real estate, news, politics, etc. So much of it is worthless. It takes only seconds to decide whether it is something that I care about or not. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Aug 25, 2020 03:14 PM
Kathy Schowe
California Lifestyle Realty - La Quinta, CA
La Quinta, California 760-333-8886

Being grateful is something that I remind myself to do every day.  We are blessed in so many ways.  Thank you for your imformative post- I'm sharing with my husband!  Take care,  Kathy

Oct 10, 2020 09:30 PM