Shrooms - Review

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Our diverse group of victims have come to spend some time with their friend in Ireland sampling some of the Emerald Isle's premium produce. No, they're not drinking Guinness... instead, they came for the psychedelic mushrooms.

Of the five American campers, Laura seems the one least likely to secretly gobble up the forbidden black-nippled mushroom, a kind that promises, to those fortunate enough to outlive the initial death spasms, visionary abilities and unrestrained rage. There are shadowy figures in the distance, a guy with a blood-stained bag over his head, humanoids in the marshland, and a scruffy girl running through the woods with an hatchet. The characters, one of whom is named Bluto (after the dumb guy in the Popeye cartoons) spend most of their shroomed hours being baffled about whether they can blame the strange high jinks to the ‘liquid breakfast' they have shared.

Some of the night lighting is so dim, and the edits so fast, that it's hard to tell what is meant to be happening during a few of the parts that are intended to be frightening. I should state for the record that I like horror films. However, this is not one of them!!  This flick is definitely not one that I would recommend to anyone. Save your money and wait for it on cable.





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