WMG Wealth Series - Episode 1 - How Do You Think About Wealth?

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Today I had the pleasure of attending Part 1 of the Win Make Give Wealth series https://winmakegive.com/wealth/ hosted by Ben Kinney, a nationally-known entrepreneur, professional speaker, trainer, best selling author, innovator, and mega real estate agent. This year's event is unlike any of the past Win Make Give programs as this one is all on demand and there is no charge. Not only is there no charge for this year's event, but Ben is also going to reward 5 recipients $1000 and one lucky person will win $5000.00. It's not about the money, obviously, it's about the opportunity to learn. 

During the first and all future episodes, Ben is joined by his friends, business partners, and podcast co-hosts Bob Stewart and Chad Hyams and the first thing they make clear is, wealth is simple and this is a series for people who want to learn about wealth building. During this introduction of the series, Ben, Bob and Chad discuss how to make sure you are prepared for when things change and help be prepared for your long term future. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to becoming a student of, and mastering wealth.

Ben, Bob, and Chad give you the 5 reasons you “need to make more money”, how money has, can and will affect your lives, and why most people don’t build wealth. There are so many factors why people think about money the way they do. A lot of times, it's their environment, it’s parenting or just a lack of knowledge or access to information. During this series, this trio promises to help the attendees think about and treat money differently. Understanding the 10 reasons why most people don’t build wealth is essential, as just one of these actions or beliefs can affect your long term wealth-building opportunities.

There are so many ah-ha’s I took away from this session and plan on actively working on my 5-year plan. The description of “flipping the triangle” was such a great visual for me and the explanation of your thoughts being water and whatever shape the bucket that holds those thoughts is, that is the shape of your thoughts. Change the shape of your bucket!

Along with the thought-provoking and quite honestly difficult questions to answer (difficult because we need to change the way we think about money) the group isn’t only helping attendees understand how to change their thinking about wealth, they help them discover the 7 proven steps to building their wealth. During the entire series they will dig deep into each of these steps and each episode is complete with homework, workbooks, spreadsheets, tools and calculators, and tons of resources. I am looking forward to learning more from this amazing group of instructors during this six-week session.

What do you think determines the way that you think about money and wealth?

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