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History of Fort Myers Beach

Prior to incorporation in 1995, Fort Myers Beach was originally known as Estero Island.  Estero Island and its sister island, San Carlos, make up the community of Fort Myers Beach. Fort Myers Beach is a small island, seven miles long and in no place much more than a mile wide. From the northwest point to the southeast tip, a gleaming white sand beach overlooks the Gulf of Mexico.

Ponce de Leon may have come to Fort Myers Beach when he explored areas along Southwest Florida's Gulf coast in 1513 & 1521. DeSoto may also have sailed the waters around Fort Myers Beach in 1513.  The Caloosa Indians inhabited many of the Florida west coast islands including Fort Myers Beach and left what is known as shell mounds behind as evidence of their presence. These mounds were possibly the ceremonial grounds of these native people whose main source of food was the sea.  Of the three such mounds originally on Fort Myers Beach, only one remains today. "The Shell Mound" is located at the end of Connecticut Street and is the highest point on the Island.

Commercial fishing and farming were the major inducement for the first settlers to move onto Fort Myers Beach.  Those first families were known as the "homesteaders". During the building boom between 1898 and the 1920's, torrents of winter visitors from the north flocked to Florida seeking their fortunes in land investments. In the early 1940s, every county in Florida had air bases due to the advantageous flying weather. The Fort Myers area had Buckingham and Page Fields, and was home to thousands of servicemen, many of whom returned and became permanent residents.

Most recently, the Fort Myers area has seen a big building boom. Residential and commercial growth has pushed development in all directions to create the other popular areas such as Cape Coral, North Fort Myers and Lehigh, as well as adding to the coastal settlements of Fort Myers Beach, Pine Island, Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and Bonita Springs.

Tourists were originally slow to discover the Beach, but in recent years Fort Myers Beach has become a popular destination.  In fact many people who visited the Beach in years past, have decided to stay and make their home on Fort Myers Beach.  And why not?  There are amazing nature preserves, biking and hiking trails to be enjoyed. We have some of the best kayaking trails in North America, as well as incredible salt and freshwater fishing opportunities. We have historical sites, galleries and restaurants to visit.  And best of all, the beautiful pristine white-sand beaches and azure waters of the picturesque Gulf of Mexico are always welcoming. 

About Fort Myers Beach:  Location, Location, Location!!

Surrounded by calm gulf waters with spectacular sunrise to sunset views, Fort Myers Beach is located on Estero Island, just off the southwest coast of Florida. The beauty of the surrounding natural environment and the small town atmosphere makes Fort Myers Beach a very special place and maybe just a little piece of paradise.  

Real Estate on Fort Myers Beach:  Choices and More Choices!

Fort Myers Beach Real Estate offers diverse properties.  You can choose from a permanent home, an investment home or a vacation home.  Single family homes, condominiums, investment lots, golf course properties, gated communities, beachfront condos, waterfront homes and new construction are some of the properties available on Fort Myers Beach.  No matter what type of real estate you are seeking, Fort Myers Beach has an incredibly wide range of choices to offer you.  As Fort Myers Beach Real Estate specialists, we will be able to assist you in all aspects of buying or selling your home.

Things to do on Fort Myers Beach

You will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world right here on Fort Myers Beach.  Fort Myers Beach and the surrounding islands offer more than 50 miles of pristine white sandy beaches.  There are restaurants, interesting shops and historical sites to visit.  Fort Myers Beach is surrounded by water, so there is incredible salt and freshwater fishing. Sailing, kayaking, power boating, water skiing and dolphin and manatee tours can be enjoyed.  Canoeing, swimming, beaching, hiking, nature tours are some of the other outdoor activities that are available almost year round! 


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