Weak internet connection at home? The solution is easier than you think

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Buying a house is usually a pretty difficult and energy-draining process that might sometimes leave you tired both physically and emotionally. It can be truly challenging since there are so much to consider: price, location, traffic, public transport, nearby schools, shops, restaurants – everything that is essential, keeps you entertained and happy, yet doesn’t disrupt your peace at home. With all those things in their head already, there is no wonder people unintentionally leave out something that might seem obvious at first but might become an issue in the future and turn that long-awaited relief into frustration. One of those things is the quality of the internet connection.

There might be many reasons why your internet does not work in a way you would like it to work, and they are not always related to your current plan or your internet provider. Most routers are simply not powerful enough to meet the needs of modern homes – multiple devices, two or more floors, stairs, thicker walls, you name it… All those things might lead to a decrease in speeds, endless buffering, long loading times, and WIFI dead zones around your house. Whether you have already bought a nice place but started facing connection problems or still considering it, just know that there is no need to give up on your dream house just because of this – especially when there is a simple yet highly effective solution called WIFI XtraBoost that will take care of these issues in no time.


WIFI XtraBoost is a tiny yet powerful WIFI repeater that is able to solve your internet connection issues the moment it is connected. If you have that one bedroom in your house that is always out of connection or have just designed a nice home office in the attic but your WIFI coverage is not enough to reach it, that’s not a problem with WIFI XtraBoost. This compact device eliminates the need for constantly searching for the best place for your router, using a wired connection, switching or even trying to call your internet provider. It does not require any special knowledge or software to set up and fits any interior without grabbing too much attention. The best thing? You get to noticeably improve your network without spending extra every month.


So imagine your whole family being immersed in a digital world and doing their own things – your living room is occupied by your son on the computer, your wife is in the kitchen having a video call with her friends, and your daughter just took the last room with good signal for her project… That important conference call is coming and you are not ready to take it since the rest of your house is one huge WIFI dead zone. Here is where WIFI XtraBoost comes in handy

WIFI XtraBoost is a two cutting-edge WiFi router and a powerful amplifier in one tiny box. It works by connecting to your existing router, receiving its signal, doubling its range at higher frequencies, and then distributing already stronger and faster signal around your house. The only thing that you really have to know about it to achieve the best result is where to place it. You probably know where in your house the signal seems to drop – and that is the perfect spot to plug WifiXtraBoost. After being connected to your router, it will simply “continue” your router’s work by enhancing the network coverage area and allowing you to enjoy faster and more reliable connection in every corner of your house.


1. Strong and stable connection in every corner of your home. By working together with the router you already have, WIFI XtraBoost amplifies the signal and distributes it around your house, eliminating WIFI dead zones.

2. No internet crashes. No more long loading times, dropping video calls, disrupted movie night, or not being able to connect at all!

3. Increased download speeds near weaker WIFI spots. Since WIFI XtraBoost is able to improve your network coverage area, it also means that the speeds will increase noticeably in the spots where this was not available before.

4. Improved connection without paying extra. One of the main solutions to solve internet problems is calling your internet provider – do not do that just yet. WIFI XtraBoost is able to improve your current network so you can enjoy reliable connection without upgrading your plan.

5. Wide compatibility. WIFI XtraBoost offers wide compatibility options and works with most of the routers in the market.

6. Compact, elegant design. WIFI XtraBoost was designed to do its job well without being too noticeable – modern and compact design will surely fit any interior.

7. Easy installation. You will be able to set up this WIFI repeater yourself even if you do not have any technical knowledge. It should not take longer than 10 minutes!

8. Peace of mind. Now you have everything – a nice house, a great connection, and a happy family!


"I work from home, I have a very nice and spacious office just in the back of our house, but there's one small issue… Well, not really that small - most of the time I can’t even connect to the internet. I tried changing the location of our router but that didn’t help. I even upgraded my internet plan and still no success! I’ve heard some rumors about WIFI repeaters in the past so I decided that it might be the time for me to see if those really work. I’ve got WIFI XtraBoost online and noticed the difference the second it was connected. Now I can peacefully work without disruptions, really happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone struggling with a poor connection."

“We have just moved into a new place, and it’s perfect. The only thing that really bothered me was that we didn’t have the internet on the second floor. Like at all! We couldn’t just bring the router to the bedroom, it was not possible with all the wires and well, it’s not nice. So we bought WIFI XtraBoost that my brother suggested instead. It solved this annoying issue! Now we have internet everywhere in our house, which came with another challenge – more screen time haha! But I love this device, truly a lifesaver.”


If you are struggling with a weak internet connection, there is no better way to end this now. WIFI XtraBoost in a one-time investment that will keep you and your whole family happy without extra expenses every month. Whether you want to be able to trust your network more or make it available in every corner of your house, this WIFI repeater will do just that and even more.


WIFI XtraBoost is only available online and can be found on the official manufacturer's website. Buying directly from the official store is the only guarantee you will get the combination of the best price and quality.


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