Wealth Series Part Two: A Financial Reality Check

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Part Two: A Financial Reality Check 


Congratulations, you've made it to Part Two of the Wealth Series! I hope that you took the time to listen to Part One and complete the workbook, as this sets the stage for a Reality Check. In this lesson, you will take a deep dive into your own personal finances. I expect that you will experience multiple emotions, and that is a good thing. It's so important to know where you're at before plotting a course to where you want to end up.

- Ben Kinney




Part Two Preparation

Having access to the following documents will help considerably with getting the most out of today's lesson:


☑️ Most recent bank statements

☑️ Recent credit card statements

☑️ Mortgage Statements              

☑️ Retirement balances

☑️ Student debt

☑️ Value of personal assets





The goal of today's lesson is to create the habit of tracking your net worth on a monthly basis, because we believe the lack of accounting means the lack of accountability. At the end of Part Two, you will have a complete picture of your finances, including your income, expenses, debt, and assets.

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Part Two Resources


☑️ Complete Part Two workbook
☑️ Choose the simple or more advanced net worth tracker to calculate and update your net worth




Budget & Expense Tracker



Simple Net Worth Tracker



Advanced Net Worth Tracker




Part Two Giveaway Question


☑️ In order to increase our net worth, we must ____ less than we ____.



Part Two: Facebook Group Check-in


Go to the Win Make Give Facebook group and comment on Chad Hyams' pinned post for the day. What was your biggest takeaway from doing this Net Worth exercise? What surprised you the most?




The Win Make Give Wealth Series is geared toward helping people in any industry at any income level, and it’s a great gift to share with everyone in your life. Here’s the link to share:

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