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San Diego Medical Company Helping Businesses with "PPE" Equipment

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San Diego Medical Company Helping Businesses
with "PPE" Equipment

A local San Diego based medical equipment company has now begun offering
"PPE" - personal protection equipment to hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes,
nursing schools and local area businesses helping them get disposable supplies
to help them open up during the Coronavirus outbreak.

iMedical Equipment - Hospital Direct Medical Equipment traditionally sells
doctor offices and hospitals exam tables, hospital beds, stretchers and other types
of medical equipment but has also now started offering medical disposables referred to
as "PPE" - personal protection equipment. The medical disposables are now being
sold and offered due to  ahuge amount of requests from local business owners and
medical facilities needing these items to open and stay open. Many requests have come
from all ove rthe United States and the company is shipping orders now to New York,
Texas, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and other states needing "PPE" equipment. 

PPE personal protection equipment for sale

"PPE - personal protection equipment being offered includes:
KN95 masks and respirators
N95 masks and respirators
Surgical masks
Face Shields
Disposable - Nitrile gloves
Hand sanitizer
Infrared no touch thermometers
Plus a host of other PPE equipment  


KN95 masks and N95 particle masks and surgical masks seem to be items getting the highest
amount of requests and these are now being required by new state guidelines to be worn
by consumers and employees. Although iMedical Equipment - Hospital Direct Medical Equipment
traditionally sells durable medical equipment the amount of requests for these items caused them
to source them for clients. What they found was that will looking for "PPE" personal protection
many companies offering these items were actually sourcing them from overseas and
did not actually have inventory in the USA. Over the period of 6 to 8 weeks the company worked
to source "PPE" products that were already in the United States and available for sale.

The company found out after ordering hundreds of thousands masks found out that trying
to get equipment into the USA via customs and with companies they had not worked with
before was a scary process and shipping and delivery times they were promised did not
match promises. After those experiences iMedical Equipment - Hospital Direct Medical
then started working with KN95, N95 and surgical mask manufactures that already had
"PPE" inventory in the United States that were available for sale.

Having access to these personal protection equipment medical disposables has helped
many medical clinics and hospitals keep staff and patients safe and has also helped
local businesses open safely. The company sells PPE medical disposable equipment
in local areas including San Diego California, Richmond Virginia and Virginia Beach
Virginia although many orders are shipped to other parts of the United States including
Florida, Texas, Arizona, Illinois and more.

There are a host of questions about respirator masks - particulate masks about the
differences from KN95 and N95 masks including "what is the difference between
KN95 and N95 masks"?

A chart below shows the differences between many types of particulate masks
and the specifications and differences between the two.

Difference between KN95 mask and N95 respirator particulate masks        Contact Us for PPE Personal Protection Equipment  - Order - Prices - Availability
Contact us for pricing and PPE shipping information
San Diego California 858-263-4894
Richmond - Virginia Beach Virginia 804-929-6886

PPE Personal Protection Equipment - Top Sellers

Infrared no touch thermometers for sale

Infrared no touch thermometers

KNKN95 mask particulate mask respirators

KN95 masks

PPE personal protection equipment including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields and more.


We are shippping "PPE" medical supplies all over the state of California, Virginia and all over the United States.
Contact us for order requests and pricing information. We have a large supply of PPE personal protection equipment 
available in the USA.

Buy PPE – Personal Protection Equipment – Medical Equipment Disposables
Contact us below to purchase “PPE” medical disposables and personal
protection equipment and supplies.
San Diego California 858-263-4894
Richmond Virginia 804-929-6886


KN95 Masks - our top selling Covid19 protection masks

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