How to Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy as a Real Estate Agent

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The real estate industry has slowed a bit due to the Coronavirus with some homeowners taking their properties off of the market. Real estate agents can use this small lull in leads and clients to revamp their digital marketing strategy. Ranking at the top of search engine results for a local area can bring in quite a few qualified leads. Investing money in digital marketing instead of traditional marketing is important. This will help drive the cost per client acquisition way down. Handling the marketing yourself is an option but busy agents often outsource this to a marketing agency or team of freelancers. Eric Sachs of Sachs Marketing which is a premier SEO agency states, ”Digital marketing for real estate agents can be complex due to the different factors that can generate leads. Some agents find social media to have the best ROI while others find that running ads on a platform like Zillow delivers the results they want. SEO is going to be important for agents that want to maximize leads from organic searches on Google or Bing.” Below will highlight areas to focus on when sprucing up your digital marketing approach as a real estate agent. 

Stay Present on Social Media 

Social media is going to be essential as sharing closings on homes can help advertise expertise in the local real estate market. Facebook is a great platform to share listings as well as closings from the recent past. Setting up automatic posting throughout the month can be tough for listings and closings. Facebook and Instagram ads can have an impact but platforms like Twitter usually don’t generate much in terms of leads. Take time to set up all major social media accounts as these can provide valuable backlinks to the website. 

Create Useful Content 

The home buying process can be a nightmare for quite a few people if they are unsure of what to expect. You are going to have to fill out quite a bit of paperwork and provide proof of income to the lender. Giving potential clients a step by step guide to purchasing a home can act as a valuable resource for people in the market to buy or sell a home. Small details like providing extra proof of income when you are self-employed is a great example of knowledge that a normal person wouldn’t have. Content should be informative and answer common questions that are posed on search engines. 

Content needs to come in different forms in order to appeal to the largest audience possible. A new form of content that has become immensely popular in the last few years is that of the podcast. Podcasting makes it as easy as ever to create in-depth content that can be extremely useful to listeners. Video content is also a major part of real estate digital marketing. Video tours are being used more frequently as social distancing restrictions were implemented. Finding the right company to assist with this tour can make all of the difference. The larger the number of showings results in a higher percentage chance of getting offers at or above asking price.

Build Relevant Backlinks 

Publishing an article with a backlink to your website or page on a relevant website can help drive rankings quickly. Real estate websites and local publications should be the targets. Personal finance and mortgage tips can be put on sites about saving or making money. The content that is published on these websites needs to be the highest quality possible in order to showcase your knowledge. Becoming a thought leader on the local real estate market is sure to bring in leads week after week. Participation in podcasts can be another way to expand your reach as an agent. 

Your Website Should be Flawless 

The website is going to be the first impression that a majority of clients will have of you. Failure to put together a professional-looking website can lose the trust of a potential client. Even the smallest businesses can figure out a way to create a website to be proud of. Enlist the help of a company that has experience designing websites and keeps SEO in mind when designing. Small things like page loading speed can have a direct impact on search engine rankings. Slow loading times deduct from UX which Google keeps in mind when ranking sites. 

The real estate market is going to recover in a big way and it is essential to create a digital marketing strategy that converts. Polls have shown that people will be moving to the suburbs from big cities as the pandemic showed many individuals the drawbacks of city life.


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