Why You Should Not Use Craigslist Pittsburgh to Sell Your House

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Our Pittsburgh home is an area where we raise our family’s and celebrate holidays. We all keep them memories close to our hearts, but there comes a time when you need to sell your house and should not use craigslist Pittsburgh to do so. Selling your house with a Pittsburgh real estate agent will save you money from not paying commissions, But you have to consider if it is worth it to you.

In this article, we are going to discuss the issues of the ‘Craigslist Pittsburgh’s home for sale by owner’ option. Let’s get right to it.

Why Is ‘Craigslist Pittsburgh Home For Sale by Owner’ Dangerous?

Craigslist Pittsburgh is one of the top marketplace websites. It allows you to sell a variety of items ranging from used cars to atv’s., and kids’ toys and house. But in many instances, you are allowed to list items for sale without having to pay anything, this attracts the attention of scammers located in other countries and the United States.

Scam Artists For Craigslist Pittsburgh

There are constantly new scams arising all the time. The new scam aims for those who want to sell my house fast Pittsburgh. In addition, there is absolutely no doubt the Craigslist Pittsburgh has a ton of visitors each week, it is this exact publicity that can scam artists focus on to scam people out of money.


Placing an ad on Craigslist there is a high probability a scammer will duplicate it. He or she will take all the information from it like the address, photos, and anything else they can get. Also, the false ad will seem real to an unsuspecting buyer.

These fake Pittsburgh region houses are set for rent. That way, the scammer can get the deposit and move on to another home. In addition, you could lose out on the legitimate Pittsburgh home buyer. Most importantly, your internet reputation can be ruined for something that you have no idea that even happened. If your Pittsburgh house’s photos are used in a scam, this can create difficulties for you down the road.

No One’s Checking The Authenticity of The Ads

All this makes marketing with Pittsburgh Craigslists home for sale by owner ads even more difficult. If you should notice other ads of the same type, you should consider calling the number. Usually, the older ad is the original poster so that you could call them. There is also a good chance a Pittsburgh real estate agent is selling the house. Contact the agent and let them know what is going on and where you see the property listed at.

Buying Pittsburgh Region Homes Below Market Value

Pittsburgh real estate agents warn about an alternate practice on Craigslist Pittsburgh. It is not technically a scam, but it is definitely worth paying attention to. Typically, when you sell your house Pittsburgh on the website, you are bypassing the services of a real estate agent. This allows you to save money on the commissions and service fee, but other realtors might use it to their advantage.

These unethical agents might show up as a buyer to view your Pittsburgh home. They can find faults in the structure, complain about the general look of the home, and insist the house needs plenty of repairs to make it be 100% move in ready. They try their hardest convince the home seller that they are doing them a favor by buying a Pittsburgh house that needs repairs.

Craigslist Pittsburgh Is Not Responsible

Most importantly, with Craigslist Pittsburgh, you are responsible no matter what! Therefore, it is your responsibility to monitor all ads in your section to make sure no one is duplicating your ad. In addition, whether someone is using your info without your permission or nay other of a number of things the scammers may do. If you lose money to a scammer, you will be left without help or assistance from anyone at craigslist. So please be aware if someone makes money-related requests, especially trying to get you to send money to them period.

Ready to Sell Your Pittsburgh House?

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