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Post-COVID Real Estate Industry | Technology, Tips, and Techniques

Real Estate Technology with Realty Sage

Real estate in 2020 has been a very interesting to understand and predict, to say the least. Changes in how agents and customers approach and view real estate during COVID, has lead to increased use of technology to support the buying and selling of homes,. among other things. 

Real estate agent and eco expert Jan Green, HomeSmart, Scottsdale, AZ, talks about changes and insights into the current real estate industry and the future of it in a post COVID 19 world. 

www.RealtySagePros.com now allows buyers and sellers to locate tech savvy real estate agents near them by selecting a "virtual real estate transaction" in their customer-agent matching questionnaire. 

Agents, feel free to join and learn more about RS Pros https://www.realtysage.com/articles/for-pros_how-realty-sage-pros-works


 Video link https://youtu.be/Ellx17a7Z3I 



Video by Tiana Catala, Communications Intern with www.RealtySage.com

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Thanks for the update, all the best to you as you get many of these properties listed and sold.



Aug 03, 2020 11:18 PM