5 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

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Whether it’s to lose weight, improve mental health, or simply round out a healthier lifestyle, a physical fitness program offers many benefits. For some people, however, the journey to better fitness can come with some roadblocks that lead to discouragement and the temptation to quit.

If you’re just beginning your exercise program or you’ve stopped seeing results from your current plan, a personal trainer may be the solution to help you get back on track and excited about your wellness journey again. Even if your current program is delivering results, a personal trainer can help supercharge your progress to get the most from each workout. Here are just five of the many benefits of working with a trainer.

1. Accountability

We’ve all had days when we didn’t want to lace up our shoes and head to the gym. When you miss one workout, it’s easier to miss two, and then three, and so on. When you work with a personal trainer, however, you’re accountable to another person. You make a commitment to each workout and your trainer. Like any other standing appointment, you’ll treat your workouts with the commitment and consistency they deserve.

2. Enjoyment

If you worry that working out with a personal trainer will feel more like boot camp than exercise, remember this: your trainer is motivated to make your workouts fun, effective, and gratifying. They want you to continue to use their services, so it benefits them to make sure you get the most from each workout. Pragmatic reasons aside, personal trainers also feel gratified in their work when their clients succeed. Find a trainer that you like and feel comfortable with, and you’ll start to look forward to your gym days.

3. Faster results

Fitness recommendations change over time. Even more importantly, our bodies change over time. The workout that may have generated results twenty years ago could leave us injured and frustrated now. Personal trainers are experts in knowing which exercises will suit your body type, fitness goals, and current state of fitness. By designing a program specifically for you, you’ll meet your fitness goals faster, with reduced risk of injury, and set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy fitness habits.

4. One-on-one attention

Group fitness classes and workout videos are great, but they cater to the group as a whole. Not every member of a class or viewer of a video has the same body type, fitness goals, medical conditions, or abilities. When you work with a trainer, you can ask questions, discuss options, and alter your program as you go to make sure it continues to meet your needs as an individual.

5. Goal attainment

For some, the main goal of a fitness program is to lose weight. For others, it is to get in shape for a marathon or other singular event. Others may participate in a lifelong sport that requires specific muscle strength, flexibility, or endurance. Whatever the goal, a personal trainer can help design the right plan, measure progress, and make modifications as you get stronger, so you continue to get fitter and more motivated to commit to your lifelong health.




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I had one for 4 years until COVID.

Personal Trainers are like businesses coaches, for the same 5 reasons you list here. Great post.

Jul 07, 2020 07:34 PM
John Pusa
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Brian Kiselstein very valuable list of tips for hiring a personal trainer.

Jul 07, 2020 09:12 PM
Bob Crane
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Hi Brian,  Thanks for sharing - you mention many valid reasons for hiring a personal trainer.  I am sure this information will be valuable to many people.

Jul 08, 2020 06:32 PM