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When we as inspectors are called for the purpose of performing an inspection we are automatically placing ourselves in a position of authotrity and responsibility. We are positioning ourselves daily as "professionals" in the field of Home Inspecting and for most of us this is a true statement. The RUB comes when people believe that we are HVAC, Electrical or Plumbing "experts" as well. While many of us are licensed as professionals in particular diciplines, as Home Inspectors we are not to hold ourselves out as such. When we allow the client to believe that our information is just what the "doctor ordered" then we are opening ourselves up to liability claims in the future. Most if not all of our agreement forms state in one way or another that we are not to offer resolution to issues discoverd yet the majority of us do. When this occurs we, again, offer our heads for the chopping. People place their trust in us to protect them and we all feel responsible for the clients safety (or should) and IT IS our duty to do the best we can everytime we go out. We need to be certain that we do not offer corrective action that borders on the response that a licensed professional would proffer. Remember, when you are not 100% sure you need to defer. I am afraid that we as trusted professionals, looked to on a daily basis, may have the tendency to become little gods in our own right. We may begin to feel as though (without realizing it) just maybe we do have all the answers. When this happens, when we think we have seen it all, done it all and said it all, there will be a reckoning. I love what I do and pray that you do as well. Maybe this was penned for you and then maybe it was penned for me......

Blessings to you all, Stay grounded

Kevin Corsa
H.I.S. Home Inspections (Summit, Stark Counties) - Canton, OH
H.I.S. Home Inspections, Stark & Summit County, OH Home Inspector

I try to always know my limitations, and defer to the proper authority. It is impossible for us, as home inspectors to keep current on every field or trade that is part of a home. To think otherwise is a sure trip to litigation.

Jun 15, 2008 12:39 AM
Michael Reel
Integrity Home Inspections LLC - Parkersburg, WV

Kevin, The reason I made the post was because as I read some of the other inspectors blogs and comments I get the feeling (and I could be wrong) that they are above making a mistake and that they know all. I pray I do not come across that way but I may sound that way too??? I really anticipated more comment from the community. I either stepped on toes or am sooooo off base that they see no reason to repond.



Jun 15, 2008 12:59 AM
Kevin Corsa
H.I.S. Home Inspections (Summit, Stark Counties) - Canton, OH
H.I.S. Home Inspections, Stark & Summit County, OH Home Inspector


I think every inspector tends to try to set themselves up in their own communities as "The Expert" or the one to call to find out all. I guess as long as you temper that with the proper amount of humble deference when the need arises, I think most of them are smart enough to stay out of trouble.

But I do know what you are saying. When you read some of the posts, you think they think they have the answer to everything. I say, if you have the knowledge- pass it on. If you don't then either look up the answer, or pass it on to someone who does. I would much rather do that than give a BS answer, or one that I was not sure of.

Keep up the good blogs Michael. Not every one you post will get a lot of answers.

Jun 15, 2008 01:12 AM
MC2 Home Inspections
MC2 Home Inspections LLC - Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis home inspection service 317-605-3432

I would have to agree as well Michael. I had actually posted a blog sometime ago in reference to certain Home Inspectors that feel they are above all. I am certainly not one of those Inspectors. I learn something new EVERY single day, and always see things I have never seen before.

We are looked up to in the publics eye for sure. Almost every client I have had has always acted like I was the mesiah or something. I always tone that down, because I am just a normal Joe trying to do the very best job possible for them. I never hesitate to answer questions with a "I don't know" if I truly do not know. Kevin is so right, that it is impossible to stay up on every single trade. We just do the best we can with what we have and the trraining that is available to us.

Great posts by the way, I always enjoy reading them.


Jun 15, 2008 08:54 AM
Sondra Meyer:
EXP Realty, LLC - Corpus Christi, TX
See It. Experience It. Live It.

Michael, welcome to AR.  This is a very interesting post.  You are very right in the general public needs and trusts inspectors.  Even though it exposes me to liablity, I typically recommend one inspector in my area.  I tell my clients upfront that their are other inspectors and they are more than welcome to look one up in the phone book.  I tell them that is a risk that I am willing to take by suggesting the vastly, the by far the most experienced inspector that I know.   

He's got an attitude very similar to yours. This inspector NEVER volunteers to fix anything - he suggests contact the relevant professional.   (Actually, he is so busy doing inspections, he wouldn't have time even if he wanted.)  He doesn't hesistate to suggest, get an AC inspector out for more details.  He points out the issues and lets the electricians, plumbers or whomever handle it. 

Plus, he doesn't make "guesses" about the condition of something without actually looking at it.  (Had an inspector once tell their buyer client that a house needed a new roof.  Even suggested a roofer to call.  Turns out the inspector didn't get up on a ladder to look at the roof.  And, the roof had been replaced the year before by the person he recommended.  To this day, don't know why that peson said that.  (The roofer was very reputable and known for good work.)   

Jun 22, 2008 03:30 AM
Michael Reel
Integrity Home Inspections LLC - Parkersburg, WV

Sondra, It is good to hear that you have a "go to Guy" that you trust. I have a couple of realtors who seem to recommend me exclusively. I have to work just as hard to maintain theri trust as I did to earn it in the first place. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rain.


Jun 23, 2008 06:22 AM