Simple and Effective Ways to Market to your Ideal Clients

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Most people who want to have a transaction coordinator business tell me that sales and marketing isn’t their thing. Well, folks, unless you have a sales force doing it for you, you’ll need to do make friends with it to create the business you want.


What if we’re making the sales and marketing process harder than it really is?


What if there was a simple, low or zero cost, way to do this?


What if the calls and conversations you had led you to work with more of your ideal clients?


And, didn’t make you feel like you had to sell your soul to make it happen?


In this free training I’ll share with you some of the mistakes I made early on in my transaction coordinator business and the things I learned to make the process of growing it much easier. I will also share with you some of the things that I does to prep for a call and to shift the fear of doing this.


Even in the midst of the pandemic we’re facing now, you can still use these steps.


If I can help you further to put these into action or you need more support in crafting your marketing plan, please reach out.


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Listen to the audio, click here.


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Masasi Kisinoto

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