How to Organise Your Home for Your New Baby

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Waiting for a new baby brings excitement for both new parents and those who have other babies. It goes without question that you ought to be fully prepared before the baby comes to make it easier to care for your baby and to avoid the last-minute rush. Most people see purchasing baby items like baby beds and clothing as the only preparation and forget that the house also needs some arrangements and repairs to accommodate the new baby better. The baby needs a peaceful and calm environment, plus there is also a need to arrange whatever you need for baby care to avoid time-consuming and tiring searches. Below are some of the ways you can prepare your home for a baby.


Declutter Early Enough

It would be better to get the house in order early enough to avoid the pressure that comes with doing everything in the last few months. You can start to organise your home soon enough by dedicating some of your free time to decluttering activities such as sorting and arranging the drawers, pest inspections, and everything will be in order within a few months. You should also identify the areas that require professional help and plan for the work when time is still available.


Work on Safety

Having a new baby means that they will soon be crawling everywhere and touching everything within their reach. It will be better if you give your house a safety review and do what needs to be done before that time comes. You can improve the safety of your home by eliminating safety hazards like sharp objects, toxic chemicals and many more. Change the location for toxic chemicals and cleaning detergents to securely locked cabinets out of reach of children and ensure that you keep the sharp items and breakables at the top cabinets in your kitchen. You can also use magnetic locks on the kitchen cabinets that are easily accessible.


Have Multiples of the Most Used Items

The first weeks after delivery are a busy plus, meaning there will be no time to waste. You can eliminate the need to move back and forth between rooms and from upstairs to downstairs if everything you need is at your fingertips. You can make it easier to care for the newborn if you have several pieces of the most used items like such as baby feeders, wipes, toys and many more. Have stations on different floors if your house has an upstairs to avoid moving up and down.


Come Up With an Emergency Plan

Having an emergency plan and notifying others about it is crucial, especially if you will be leaving the child under the care of nannies or other family members. Have a list of all the important contacts and display them at an easily visible position like on the fridge door or the living room wall. The nanny should also have the contact of a person they can contact if they cannot reach you.


You should also ensure that you have a medical cabinet with visible labels on the medicine. The prescribed medication should have correct labels for the doses. Over-the-counter drugs, on the other hand, should have a label indicating their use and the best doses for different conditions.


Make Use of Baskets and Storage Bins

Kids require a lot of small items which will most likely clutter your house if not properly stored. You can easily organise kid items such as toys and other care items with the use of baskets. The baskets come in different sizes and shapes to allow various applications and for effective use of available space. You can place the baskets at strategic points in your house to make them easily accessible

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