National Association of Realtors claims that pressure washing can add $10,000 to $15,000 value to your home

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Put Pressure Washing at the Top of Your Spring Cleaning List

The biggest investment you will ever make in your adult life is buying your own house. Naturally, you would want to make sure this investment will last you for decades. This is especially true if you plan to sell it eventually. One way you can guarantee the addition of financial value to your home is maintaining it with help from pressure washing experts.

Why It is Best to Seek Help of Experts
Some people may doubt that pressure washing by experts will really help add value to their home. They may want to buy their own pressure washing machine to do the job themselves. Although going the DIY route may save you some money, there is always the risk that you will misuse the pressure washing machine somehow. This may result in damage to your home, and possibly harm to you, your kids and even your pets if you are the one handling the machine.  

It is usually a good idea to contact experts in pressure washing who are trained, certified and licensed to do this kind of work, to avoid mistakes and accidents. Remember, a power washer may be strong enough to blast a hole through your skin. There is more to using a power washer than just switching on the machine and pointing the nozzle at your wall or driveway. So, your task should simply be to look for experts in pressure washing who can do this for you if you are not yet experienced with pressure washing.

How Pressure Washing Will Benefit You
You may find it ideal to rely on pressure washing services to upgrade the exteriors of your home since buyers tend to favor homes that are well maintained. Experts will know how to remove surface dirt, bird poop, and mold from your home exteriors with soft washing (a form of pressure washing that is safe to apply to sidings and other parts of the exterior). That way, you won’t wind up with peeled-off paint or even scoured concrete which can derail your efforts to show off your house at its best.

You will also not have to worry about the time needed to clean your home exteriors because pressure washing will cut down the labor requirements by a lot. So instead of you balancing on a ladder with a gallon of detergent and a scouring brush in hand to remove pollutants from your wall, you will just need the help of pressure washing specialists who know what they are doing.

When to Hire Pressure Washing Experts
If you have a stable income right now and you can afford to invest money into the maintenance of your home, you might opt to hire pressure washing experts at least once a year. This is because some homeowners like their home to look great even when visitors are not expected. If you like to inspect your home exteriors at least once a year, you may have noticed that there are already parts that need a good cleaning. The parts that would tend to attract “curb appeal” attention from visitors, especially prospective buyers, would be your roof, sidings and driveway. So, start by inspecting these first.
If you are expecting prospective buyers to drop by anytime soon, it is a good idea to do the pressure washing of your property right away. You will need specialists in cleaning with pressure washing machines to quickly rid your home exteriors of pollutants. After the pressure washing is done and your home exteriors look pretty good, you can take other steps to prepare your home for those important visitors. This means cleaning the front door, trimming your hedges and bushes, mowing the lawn, and removing dead leaves and trash from around your property. First impressions do last, especially with home buyers.

Parts of Your Home to Avoid Pressure Washing

Take note that there are parts of the house that should never be subjected to pressure washing. Here are some of them:
Glass Windows – You must respect the power of a pressure washing machine because even a fairly low setting can do some serious damage, such as breaking your glass windows. It is best to wash windows separately from a pressure washing session.

Outdoor Lighting Systems – Some outdoor lighting systems are quite sensitive. They may have been designed to withstand heavy rain, but rain usually is not as powerful as a pressure washing machine. It is best to clean outdoor lighting with just some mild cleaning solution and a clean sponge.

Housing of Electrical Systems - If your electrical system is outside the house, you might be wondering if they can withstand a pressure washing session. The truth is, they can’t. You might also get a nasty electrical shock if you attempt to pressure wash such electrical systems. It might even trigger an electrical fire.

Air Conditioning Systems – Though air conditioning systems do need to be flushed with water to clean them, you might wind up wrecking the unit by using a pressure washing machine. You are better off not touching the air conditioning system until you can get a trained technician to clean it for you.  

Final Takeaway
You may have learned recently that this ongoing pandemic may be wreaking havoc with the real estate market. Sellers may be finding it hard to find buyers since there are so many people who have lost their jobs or are working for less income. People may be afraid of going to new communities to look for a home to buy, due to the current pandemic. Buyers are also presently enjoying a buyer’s market since there are so many homes being put up for sale.  

Since it is so risky to visit homes, many prospective buyers are opting to use technology to see houses in the market without leaving their own homes. If it looks good on their computer screen, buyers may be attracted to buy it. So, it really works in your favor if you upgrade your home exteriors with a pressure washing session so that your home exteriors will look better when buyers do come around to check it out.


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