How To Use A Pressure Washer Safely

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The pressure washer is one of the best tools for cleaning the exterior surface. The pressure washer is much more effective and quicker compared to the old fashioned scrub brush. Since it produces higher pressure, it is quite essential to operate with the safety measures. Electric and gas pressure washers are mainly helpful for cleaning anything and work quickly with more fun. Pressure Washers are mainly useful for cleaning cars, patio furniture, and much more.

How Do Pressure Washers Work?

Normally, the Pressure washers use the gas engine or the electric motors for powering the pump to quickly pressurize the water from the garden hose. This Pressure washer mainly has the highest pressure of 1,000 to 3,000+ PSI. while operating, this most powerful water stream mainly forced on the narrow spray wand so that it would be easier for spraying on removing the dirt for cleaning the surface. Homeowners could choose the best Pressure washer having 1,300 to 2,400 for their cleaning tasks at home. Most homeowners find that washer with a pressure range of 1,300 to 2,400 psi is mainly suitable for their task.

Electric Pressure Washers:

The Electric pressure washers have a lower end with PSI range from 1,300 to 1,400 PSI. It is mainly suitable for light to medium-duty jobs. Cleaning the grills and washing cars are highly easier with the use of this electric pressure washer. Pressure washers provide quick and dramatic results. Cleaning the neighbors’ siding, cars and driveways become a more significant option. It is quite an easier option for buying the pressure washer for cleaning the outdoor areas. Save your time with choosing the professional high pressure cleaning in Perth.

Gas Pressure Washers:

Gas Pressure Washers have the pressure from 2,000 to 2,800 PSI. These are mainly used for heavy-duty jobs like

  • Mildew stain removal

  • Paint removal

  • Farm equipment cleaning

Pressure washers are powered by gas engines that mainly run the pump for pressurizing water from the garden hose. Thus is mainly forced through the spray wand for increasing its pressure range. Applying higher pressure would be easier for cleaning the tougher task.

Operating Procedures:

Below are some of the most important operation procedures that you need to concentrate on ensuring complete the task.

The Basics:

  • Clean debris from inlet filter

  • Connect accessories such as chemical injector

  • Run water through the washer for a minute to remove any air

  • Squeeze spray wand trigger

  • Concentrate on the water pressure

  • Pull the starter cord for starting the engine.

Water Supply:

Having constant water supply for the pressure washer would be an efficient option for cleaning the area. The water supply of gallons per minute suitable for the machine is quite an efficient choice. Ensure that the water circulates all unobstructed through the system. You need to check on the water inlet filter for cleaning the debris. You need to make sure that the garden, as well as pressure hoses, is debris free.

  • Tighten hose connections

  • Set spray wand to low or no-pressure setting

  • Turn the water faucet at house

  • Squeeze spray wand trigger

  • Operate the air from the system

  • Never run the washer model longer than 5 minutes

  • Adjust pressure and spray settings

  • Insert nozzle tips in the spray wand

Cleaning Techniques:

For cleaning the debris or any area, then it is important to start with wand’s nozzle 4 ft and move closer to providing the best cleaning effect. You need to spray wand in 2 hands for directing water steam at the angle of 45-degree. Move the water stream constantly. Pressure washing would be an efficient option for removing the grime and dirt, but they are not designed for killing mildew or stripping paints.

  • Test pressure setting

  • Spray pattern on an inconspicuous place

Safety Procedures To Be Considered:

Maintaining the machine with safe operation is quite an important option. Storing the power washer indoors would be a better option for avoiding any damages to the spray wand, hoses, and pump. High-pressure water from the nozzle of this machine could also damage the property, breaking windows, gouge holes in brick, or strip paint when high pressure is applied. This could also cause bodily harm like electrocution, lacerations, and deadly falls.

  • Read the manual

  • Toss the zero degrees nozzle

  • Wear protective gear

  • Prep your surroundings

  • Hands-off


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