Watch for More Stimulus Coming Soon

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Fresh EU stimulus, hopes of Congress stimulus and strong earnings from Big Blue are weighing on bonds while stocks are surging. The EU agreed on fresh stimulus of 750B euros to battle COVID inflicted regions while Congress gets started on some type of coronavirus stimulus here in the states. Democrats and Republicans are $2.5 trillion apart and will have to act fast as the enhanced unemployment benefit of $600 is set to expite at month's end. IBM reported strong quarterly earnings which is also giving stocks a boost while Coca-Cola expressed optimism as the country reopens.

Retail giant WalMart is rolling out some perks for workers to thank employees for the work diring the height of the pandemic. Walmart will spend $428 million in bonuses for workers with full-time hourly employees receiving $300 and part-time and temporary workers $150. The company will pay the bonuses on August 20. In addition, WalMart said it will close its stores on Thanksgiving Day.


Positive news lifts stocks. Coronavirus stimulus package being laid out in D.C. Walmart to give bonuses, close on Thanksgiving.


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