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Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I suffer from ADHD. I am like the dogs in the movie UP, I see a squirrel and I am off and running. It is easy to throw me off with the mention of almost anything, boom, I am off in that direction while what I need to do is left undone. I flip homes for a living (currently am flipping 30 homes at one time), teach classes on flipping and own a rental company. I am very busy and find myself working well into the night because I waste part of my workday with things that have zero impact on my business or family, 

Jim Rohn is someone I enjoy listening to, he has a calming voice and while some of his ideas are out there, he has some great ideas as well. I listen to him often in my car. One of his themes is not allowing yourself to worry about things that are not of your control, which tend to be the things that throw us off our path to success. I am very guilty of this and I can say that today, every time I notice myself chasing a squirrel, I ask myself how this is helping my family.

Will it really matter who the President of the United States is? Does it really matter to your life that a car chase took place in New York? Does it really matter in your personal life if we do or do not sell arms to what ever country? Does it matter that celebrity X did anything? The answer is no, it has very, very little effect on your success but we often waste hours and hours discussing and arguing about these things. 

What can you do with that time? Could you be making more cold calls? Could you be following up with leads? Previewing houses? What will have a greater impact on your life, spending two hours making 100 cold calls or spending two hours arguing over who should be President? 

In my personal experience, I have discovered hearing Jim Rohn in my head asking the question "How is this helping your family live better", helps me stay on track and stay in focus to my goals. Motivational speakers may not be for everyone but finding something that reminds us to stay on our path to exceeding our goals is important for all of us. 

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James (Jim) Lord




Dan Hopper
Dan Hopper - Gold Way RE - Westminster, CO
Colorado Broker / Referral Services

Love this posting,  .  There are times that I tend to let my performance appear to be an sign of ADHD ... so easily distracted, as I start off on a project, then my direction gets changed with something el... OH LOOK, a KITTY!!  Glad you listent to Jim Rohn, too.  One of the very best in creating the right mindset.  Would have been a treat to been able to see him in person!!

Jul 23, 2020 03:32 PM
Jim Lord

Yes, it would have been awesome to see him in person. Seemed like a great guy. I also like 

Jul 24, 2020 02:33 PM